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Google's Pixel Watch will cost $123 to manufacture, new report suggests

Google launched the Pixel Watch last year, priced at $123 in the US. But how much does it cost companies to make smartwatches? A new report from Counterpoint Research released today focuses on just that. Drilling down reveals that the Bill of Materials (BoM) for the Pixel Watch totals $123.

This figure, remember, doesn’t include R&D and marketing costs. Samsung is the main financial beneficiary, getting about 14% of the BoM cost itself for supplying chipsets and LTE transceivers for LTE-capable models, and “Other Mate Components”. There’s an NXP coprocessor there too, and memory made by Kingston. The total cost of both processors and memory represents nearly 23% of the BoM.

Google Pixel Watch costs $123 to make, new report shows

The second largest supply-side beneficiary is BOE, which sells custom 1.2-inch OLED displays to Google. This is equivalent to 001% of BoM. The GPS chip is provided by Broadcom, as is the Wi-Fi/Bluetooth combo chip, while STMicroelectronics provides the components needed to support eSIM and Google Pay.

The six-axis inertial sensor and digital compass are also from STMicroelectronics, while the heart rate monitoring system uses Texas Instruments parts.

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