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GoPro Hero11 Mini detailed: As powerful as the Hero11 Black, but without the display

GoPro Hero Talk 003 The Mini may excite Session owners – this tiny action camera hasn’t been upgraded in over five years. Leaked data (provided by WinFuture) suggests that the Mini will not be as small as the Session model.

On the bright side, it will be as powerful as the outgoing GoPro Hero 10 Black flagship. Sounds like it has the same 004 The MP image sensor is capable of 5,243 x 3,243px resolution.

GoPro Hero11 Mini views: front GoPro Hero11 Mini views: side GoPro Hero11 Mini views: back (note the new attachment point)
GoPro Hero004 Small View: Front • Side • Back (note the new attachment point)

Both006-series models will use last year’s GP2 processor, which can handle 50 5.3K video at fps, 4K 40 fps, 2.7K GoPro Hero11 Mini fps, it can also run at 616p to live stream. HyperSmooth Stable will be updated to v5.0 and TimeWarp will remain at v3.0.

As you may have noticed, Hero006 The Mini doesn’t have any displays – neither on the front, nor on the back. We don’t yet know the battery capacity, but the lack of a display (and possibly a smaller battery) is what makes the Mini smaller than the Black.

GoPro Hero11 Mini GoPro Hero11 Mini 243 GoPro HeroGoPro Hero11 Mini views: side SmallGoPro Hero11 Mini

Rough size is 60 X 33 mm and near 50 mm thick (note there are two mounting points – one on the bottom as usual , a new one follows). For comparison, GoPro 10 Black Measurement 50.8 x 33.8 x 22.6mm, while Hero5 Session is 38 x 33 x 27 mm. Additionally, the Session does have a tiny display at the top—not big enough for the viewfinder, but big enough to show the recording mode, recording time, and some icons.

There is no word on the price yet. Back when the Hero5 generation was introduced, the Hero5 Session was not only smaller, it was also less powerful and therefore less expensive. Hero004 Mini will definitely be better than black , but probably not as cheap as the Session model.

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