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GoRA, King Records' Ayaka: A Bond Animated Story Features 2 Actors In Video

Official website of GoRA and

King Records

‘ Original Anime starts playing character promo video featuring Kousuke Toriumi

character Karuaki Karuma, and two new characters Chatarō Fukuwake and Yako Amano. The new characters are voiced by Gakuto Kajiwara and Yuki Sakakihara. These two characters are Karuma’s disciples in Kasen Shrine.

Kajiwara Scholar as Chatarō Fukuwake
chataro© GoRA・KINGRECORDS/Project AYAKA yogo Yuki Sakakihara as Yako Amano yogo
  • The story is about Yukito Yanagi, a boy who grew up in a mainland children’s home. One day, Sagawa Hitoshi, the arrogant young disciple of Yuki’s late father, comes and takes Yuki to his birthplace, Ayaka Island. Ayakashima is a chain of seven strange islands that are said to house fire and water dragons. These islands are inhabited by a mysterious entity called Mitama.

    Yukito starts living in Ayakashima with three former disciples of Yukito’s father. The former disciples lived a life of hermits, maintaining the peace and harmony of Ayaka Island. However, there is a deep feud between Jingi’s fellow disciple Karuaki Karuaki and Aka Ibuki. As harmony on the island begins to crumble, the Yeti is confronted with a secret truth.

    Anime will be held in July at Tokyo MX and

    BS channels. The anime will also be available on FOD and other streaming services in Japan.

    Other actors include:

  • Yūto Uemura

    as Yukito Yanagi Takuma Terashima as Jingi Sagawa Yuichiro Umehara as Aka Ibuki

  • Toriumi replaces Takahiro Sakurai Karuaki Karuma’s character when the anime’s staff announced that they would be replacing Sakurai “due to various circumstances”.


    Yongshan Jingyi (
  • , ,

    , ) is doing Studio Blanc

    Directed the animation, GoRA supervised the writing of the series script. Artistredjuice (, , ) are drafting original character designs, and Misaki Kaneko

    () Final character designs are being drawn. Naoya Tanaka is the art director.

    Shibue Kana (, , ) is composing, and King Records

    are making music. Ryō Tanaka is directing his voice to Bit Grooove Promotion. angela is performing the opening theme song “AYAKASHI” and saji is performing the ending theme song ” Flashback”.

    GoRA and GoHands

    K TV animation series premieres in October 100, and there have been several film and comic adaptations, as well as comic spin-off stories.

    Source: Ayaka anime’s website (link 2), Comic Natalie




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