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Grace Breuning on Walking Chanel and the Decline of Curve Model Casting

This recent fashion month marks complete unhindered The Return – A high-volume speech from the brand, but it also heralds a potentially worrying trend. The lack of diversity at scale has been felt, and many commentators and writers wondered if the hard work for greater inclusion at shows and events was eroded overnight. Still, there are some meaningful and exciting curvilinear model debuts. One of them was ecstatic – Grace Breuning, age 1, she passed for Chanel The catwalk debuted at Paris Fashion Week – a coveted booking for many models.

The Minneapolis native was a perfect match in a professionally cut short snow-white tweed suit. Casting is especially meaningful for a brand year without casting curve model, in 350 and328. Breuning is one of only three curve models in spring’ programme. “Growing up, I never saw someone as confident as a big girl,” Browning said a few days after the whirlwind experience, and the representation of the few curvy women she sees in pop culture feels far removed from empowerment far. “It’s always, like a comedic relief,” she said. “So to be a curvy model on a Chanel show? I’m just so grateful. It’s hard to put into words.”

although So, while Bruning’s name is certainly on many people’s lips now, she has been living in New York and modeling for a family. For a few years – mostly commercial gigs. However, her debut at Chanel seemed to mark a shift towards luxury brands and catwalks.

Breuning Keenly aware that the fashion industry is moving towards a more powerful, diverse and consistent representation. She is excited to be a part of this progress, even with the challenges. “I knew all the steps that had to be taken to get to that place,” she said. “So it’s very bittersweet. The fact remains that when I go there, sometimes I’m not seen as a model – I’m asked if I’m on the hair team. It’s a long, albeit unbelievable, Way to go.”

She said a key part of her experience at Chanel was not It feels like she’s just filling a diversity void or being thrown into second-rate costumes (sadly, that’s a feeling she’s encountered during the show). “When I was casting with Chanel, they had three outfits that fit me,” she said. “I was like, well, they’re not just throwing me here as their curve quota.”

Breuning said the experience of walking for one of the biggest fashion houses is especially rewarding given that she’s still dealing with the latest health scare. Last year, Bruning was admitted to the hospital after he started coughing up blood. Doctors don’t know what’s wrong. “They were like, ‘Maybe it’s tuberculosis, maybe it’s cancer, maybe it’s endemoris,'” recalls Breuning. While doctors performed a series of tests and scans, she quarantined for a week. No dice. “In the end they said, ‘The only way we can find out what’s wrong is to remove half of your lung.'”



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