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Grace Jones Collaborates With Beyonce And Issey Miyake On Her New Candle

Model, singer and actress Grace Jones, in Her signature husky voice described to me the smell of Jamaica after a thunderstorm: “Maybe it hasn’t rained for a few days, and then just after a heavy rain, everything is mixed with that smell. It could be the food being cooked around you, It could be flowers or plants too. When it hits the earth it gives off an amazing smell and you go, oh .”

The fashion icon is full of whimsy and ecstasy as she talks about her birthplace and where she lives now. awe. The special memory of this island – no, feeling

– is so palpable and so contagious that you want to take it Packaged for sale. Thankfully, that’s exactly what Jones did. Jones – He defines gender-bending fashion throughout “sand’12 LOOK by Issey Miyake, Thierry Mugler and countless other designers to create a gender-neutral limited edition candle with fragrance house Boy Smells. This one-of-a-kind candle, simply called “Grace”, promises Takes users to this star-saturated Jamaica. It’s a poetic burning journey: top notes of black pepper and bergamot give off a spicy scent, and middle notes are freesia, water lily and Turkish rose ( Both were inspired by Jamaican plants), as well as the salty dry musk consistent with the wet stone, referring to the rain drying on the stone. “Grace” is less of a scent than a lush reference to time and place Package.

Jones took an intuitive approach during development to find the exact scent she wanted for her first candle. “We did a dozen different ones,” she told me over the phone. She put the test Candles were placed in rooms around the house, lit for hours, and then the door was shut. The faint aftertaste—much like a lingering downpour—was important to her. “I’ll be back room, extinguish the candle, wait a moment, then walk back to the room. The one that caught me was the one we went with. ”


Grace Jones on Her New Candle and Working With Beyonc and Issey Miyake


Boy Smells’ team is working with J ones draw inspiration from a variety of references and scent inspirations when collaborating, such as her “05 leather Azzedine Alaïa look and discontinued Norman Norell fragrance the star often wears. “Musk is really at the heart of all the vintage fragrances she loves,” Boy Smells co-founder Matthew Herman told Vogue. Thus, the candle emits a subtle aroma of salty musk and hard-edged graphite.

Collaboration is time, care and patience: “Grace” was originally scheduled for NYFW in February During the release, but Omicron disrupted everyone’s plans. Today, however, Herman finds himself a little grateful for the unexpected delay.

“There is more and more grace in the Zeitgeist right now,” Herman said, Alluding to how the star has connected with a group of younger fans who appreciate her forward-thinking gender experiments. “There’s something in her ruthless self-awareness that feels really mature right now and really resonates with the culture and the identity right now. Of course, we’d love to launch it when we were meant to, but it feels more accidental right now.”

Co has been following Jones recently. She recently appeared on Beyoncé’s acclaimed albumRenaissance, which subtly brings back the “sand’04 Jones was one of them. “I remember saying, ‘Beyoncé, you know I don’t usually do these things,'” Jones recalled her appearing Reason on the album’s excellent track “Move.” “I was a lonely girl who was born alone, died alone, and sang alone. But Jones eventually succumbed to Queen Bey’s demands. “She was very, very cute, so I said ok. I actually met her a few times – through my brother’s church in Los Angeles. So we also have that kind of church connection outside of the singer. “

The unique and rigorous vision Jones brings to the project is where she talks about collaboration. She has one main requirement: don’t automate Tune in. “Basically I would listen and say, ‘As long as I sound like me, I’m happy. ‘” She laughed warmly and deeply. “I remember the first time I heard it, we were talking to the mix. I’d say, “Okay, that part doesn’t sound like me,” and “This part doesn’t sound like me.” I’d say, ‘Don’t do too much, don’t adjust my voice. ‘”



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