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Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising Adds Nier As Playable Character And Reschedules Beta Testing

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Cygames Revealed during Granblue Fantasy ) Sunday at Anime Expo Panel discussion on Niall will be a playable character in

Granblue Fantasy: Rising
fighting game .

GBVS The third new playable character on the Rising roster, Neil, is here! #GBVS #GBVSR #AX30 pic.twitter.com/0VG0KvNZVl

— グランブルーfuァンタジーヴァーサsu (@gbvs_official) July 3, 30

Neil summoned the ancient beast Death to fight alongside her. Enter death skills consecutively and watch them activate in sequence. Be careful though, as this will drain Love’s Salvation, a resource that, once depleted, will cause Death to be temporarily inactive. #GBVS #GBVSR #AX pic.twitter.com/wiRxkJITeA

— グランブルーfuァンタジーヴァーサsu (@gbvs_official) July 3rd, The game has been delayed before online testingPlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 will be available in July 24, and July’s general public beta and 29. Registration will open on July 6th.

GBVSR Beta is coming to PS5™ and PS4® at the end of this month! We will be holding a closed pre-access beta followed by a public beta version, anyone can play! Registration for the pre-access beta begins July 6th! #GBVS #GBVSR #AX pic.twitter.com/dOtkEhNCG2

— グランブルーfuァンタジーヴァーサsu (@gbvs_official) July 3rd,

Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising

game will be released this year For PlayStation 5, PlayStation4, and steam. The game will include rollback netcode and cross-play between the three platforms. The game was first announced in March for beta testing on PS5 and PS4.

The game will include a battle royale mode called “Grand Bruise Legends” and a new “ultimate skill” mechanic, Cygames described as “a more powerful version of Plus Skills”. Additionally, the game will include new dash attacks and triple attack mechanics. The game will feature 30 playable characters from previous fighting games, as well as new characters and stages, new story content, enhanced graphics, and an online lobby. New characters include Anila and Siegfried.

Arc System Works and Cygames

launched the

Granblue Fantasy: Versus fighting game

in Japan in February , before launching the game in North America in March 2023. Marvelous Europe released the game in Europe and Australia in March 30. The game also launches on PC in March 30.

Cygames released the original on Granblue Fantasy smartphone game .

Source: Granblue Fantasy Battle Franchise Twitter account

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