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'Grey's Anatomy' ends on a cliffhanger after Meredith Gray returns

two hour season The finale welcomes back Ellen Pompeo and Kelly McCreary to the ABC medical drama.

Greys Anatomy Wedding Bell Blues Happily Ever After

Greys Anatomy Wedding Bell Blues Happily Ever AfterGreys Anatomy Wedding Bell Blues Happily Ever After

Ellen Pompeo on this season 18 Ending ABC/Raymond Liu

[This story contains spoilers for the season Two episode endings Grey’s Anatomy , “Wedding Bells Blues / Happily Ever After.” ]

Two hours conclusion Grey’s Anatomy’ s The first season welcomed two recently departed doctors and made another The fate of the characters hangs in the balance.

After exiting the hit ABC medical drama as a series regular earlier Time this season , Ellen Pompeo made her anticipated comeback in May The two-part finale, “Wedding Bells Bruce/Happily Ever After.” The episode’s time is split between the veteran cast and the young intern, with the main storyline revolving around Simone (Alexis Floy) and the young doctor eventually call off her wedding and choose Lucas (Niko Terho). Set against the backdrop of a wedding, the air is filled with love from many characters — including Joe (Camilla Luddington) and Link (Chris Carmack), who finally profess their love for each other.

and both Meredith(Pompeo) and Ma Ji (Kelly McCreary) – after ending each of their stories by choosing her passion over love – in They rekindle their relationship in their own ways in return. When a group of Gray Sloan Memorial doctors flew to Boston for the coveted Kathleen Fox Award (Chandra Wilson’s Bailey received a surprise award for her dedication to reproductive health care after the Supreme Court in a heartfelt moment) Dobbs decides) , two Nick (Scott Speedman) and Winston (Anthony Hill) are given the chance to reunite with estranged partners. The last time Meredith and Nick spoke was when she pretended not to hear his “I love you” as she boarded a plane to Boston with her baby; when Maggie and husband Winston moved to Chicago to pursue her medical ambitions , their marriage is pending.

Meredith and Nick cleared up some misunderstandings, mainly that Nick should not have let Meredith go. “I want to spend my life in love and chaos and pain…and you,” he told her, and she replied, “Okay, okay then,” and they kissed. Meanwhile, Winston finally satisfies Maggie’s ambitions, and when he does, they agree to start there and work out the rest as they embark on a long-distance relationship.

But the plot isn’t all about tying things up with neat bows. Meredith, who has been working to find a cure for Alzheimer’s, has made public her new findings that could jeopardize her career and contradict decades of research. Webb (James Pickens Jr.) may jeopardize his sanity after being shaken by a near-death experience on a flight to Boston. And Teddy (Kim Raver) is unconscious on the operating room floor at the end of the episode, her fate unclear by the end of the episode. Teddy, who was recently named chief, complained of a toothache before falling to the ground at the last moment. (SPOILER ALERT: Raver has closed a deal to return next season, THR already learned.)

As far as McCree is concerned, in the previous Interview with Hollywood Reporter Regarding her exit, the actress left the door open to loop back on the show in the future, Similar to stars who quit before her (Kate Walsh appeared in three episodes this season, reprising her role as Dr. Addison Montgomery). “I love the show, people are coming back. I think it’s open. I think it’s Meg Marinis question, she is the new showrunner . But I take issue with it Open minded, I think the storyline makes it very open,” she said. Speaking of the ending, she later added to THR, “While she’s gone to Chicago, Maggie and Winston’s story doesn’t seem to be over yet. I’m glad to see that there’s still love, respect — and of course, a lot of passion between them.” “

The ending is over too

Krista Vernoff’s run as an entertainer when she hands over control to Marinis for Season is ABC’s longest-running primetime scripted series, created by Shonda Rhimes. Vernoff and Marinis co-wrote Wedding Bells Blues, and Marinis created “Happily Ever After?” The episodes were directed by Kevin McKidd and Debbie Allen respectively.

Since his high-profile exit, Pompeo has served as the show’s executive producer and Narrator. She’s still on ABC Family and her next show is under her Disney deal Hulu limited series . The door is open for her Grey’s returns, according to sources, when she was involved in the season has not yet been officially announced, The ending will definitely explore more with Meredith Grey.

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