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'Grey's Anatomy': Watch Ellen Pompeo Leave Grey Sloan for Boston

Meredith Gray is leaving the building.

Grey’s Anatomy wraps up its

In the February comeback clip (see below), the heroine Meredith of Ellen Pompeo says goodbye to Grey Sloan’s friends, family and colleagues as she prepares to move to Boston with her children.

While the promo certainly points to Pompeo’s last Grey’s Anatomy , that’s not the case — at least not now. In August, Pompeo signed on to star in and execute an untitled limited series for Disney-owned Hulu . With the show, Pompeo reduced her time on Grey’s to just the current time of the show in eight episodes*) fourth season. The winter premiere is her seventh, and the season finale will be her eighth.

Still, Pompeo is Grey’s (and spin-offStation The executive producer of ) will continue to do Meredith’s signature voiceover in every episode. Plus, if the Boston storyline fails, she’ll apparently still be able to return to Grey Sloan to see a doctor.

As for the future of Grey’s Anatomy , creator and executive producer Shonda Rhimes has said for years that if Pompeo wants to, She can see the show and there is no Grey’s Anatomy Meredith Grey. That concept was put to the test this season as showrunner Krista Furnoff brought in a new batch of residents and revisited Grey’s original The pilot episode, where some familiar storylines influenced the show’s new cast. It’s also worth noting that instead of featuring rookies as new interns, this season’s class includes more established actors: Harry Shum Jr. ( Crazy Rich Asians, Glee ), Adelaide Kane (This Is Us, Reign), Midori Francis (The Sex Lives of College Girls, Dash & Lily) , Nico Terho (The Thing About Harry) and Alexis Floyd (Shondaland’s own Inventing Anna ).

Grey’s Anatomy was a huge success for Disney, which owns the show and licenses it to Netflix . The series airs in more than 200 territories around the world and is Disney’s main source of revenue. ABC executives have been openly saying they want the show to go on for many more seasons, although this year appears to be the first real test to see if Grey’s can be played on Succeed without Pompeo.




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