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Groom wears custom Armani evening gown at this destination wedding on Necker Island

Wesley Voltacho and Michael McCarty first accosted at 2019 Brooklyn apartment party before the pandemic. “We were all invited by friends of friends,” recalls Wesley. “If anyone knew me, I rarely go to parties like this. Michael was living in Los Angeles at the time and was only in town for work, so our encounter was a complete fantasy.”

, however, the couple’s connection is direct and electronic. “After the party, we met in the Boom Boom Room, and we stuck together on the dance floor all night. He asked me what I did, and I said ‘I make drinks,’” said Wayne Wayne, chief creative officer and co-owner of Arizona Beverages. Sley recalled. “Michael [working in biotech] thought I was a bartender on the first date two days later. The rest is history.”

For Michael, the party Attraction is also instantaneous. “As soon as Wes walked in, I said ‘Holy Real Brioche’ to my friend,” joked Michael. “In retrospect, the clichés are all in vogue. I don’t creepy stalk him when he goes to make himself a drink, introduce myself, and show him that to make vodka soda, you just mix vodka and soda—voila !”

Considering the initial spark, Michael made his friend partner Wesley so he could Try to be shy and stay calm. “Wes and I danced the night away, and when I was about to leave, I asked him if he wanted my number,” Michael recalls. “He said ‘No!’ So I unsuccessfully walked to the elevator to get out of there. I was pulled back by Wesley before I had gone three steps, saying he was just joking, he wanted my phone number. We exchanged ideas and that day 2pm: 22 In the morning, I texted him: ‘Hey bartender.'”

Two days later, they had their first date at Lure in SoHo. “It was the best and last date I’ve ever had,” Michael said. “The chemistry, the conversations and the connections are off the charts. I said it in my vows, but that day I knew Wes was going to be my husband.”

Wesley 7 May proposes to Michael in Capri 2021. He arrives a few days ahead of Michael to find all the most romantic places with his friends, and then asks the big question. question? All “good” choices involve a boat, which is made difficult by Michael’s motion sickness. “Every time I was about to ask, he looked a little green,” recalls Wesley. “I chose to play it safe and did it on the balcony of our JK Place room, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and the most beautiful summer sunset. We celebrated under the lemon trees in da Paulino that evening, ecstatic, full of life and love .”




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