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Grooms Wear Tom Fords for Amalfi Coast Wedding, and It Happens All Night

They were married at Casa Privata on Saturday under a chuppah overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea. Cliff, who started his career at Tom Ford, always knew they would wear the American designer’s tuxedos to their wedding. They opted for matching ivory jackets, each with their initials and wedding date embroidered on the inside label.

Reflecting their respective Jewish and Catholic beliefs, they held a mixed faith ceremony: Cliff’s sister Kerry read the traditional Jewish Beatitudes while wearing an Alexander McQueen, while Leszek’s brother Recited a passage from the Corinthians. Their friend Jonathan Adler MC, while the grooms wrote their vows and presented each other with platinum Repossi rings. Then they broke the glass with a loud cry of “mazel tov”.

“The ceremony felt perfect,” Leszek said. “I can feel the love from Cliff and our friends and family. I wish it was a few degrees cooler, but what can you do!”

Cocktail and reception at Casa Held on the idyllic terrace of Privata. Guests dressed in “Amalfi Chic” dress code and indulged in Mediterranean drinks. “You wouldn’t have a wedding in Italy without an aperitif and lots of aperitifs,” jokes Leszek. “We got a little too enthusiastic about the ascension because we felt like we had to hang on,” says Cliff — and it never stopped Leszek’s parents then served the grooms bread, salt and vodka in honor of their Polish heritage. They tossed glasses over their shoulders. “The more pieces, the happier the marriage—but we Not included! He smiled. As the dance continued, the chefs pulled out an ice cream truck, a millefoglie cake, and at midnight, pizza. Grooms put on sequined Tom Ford top for a soiree look after the sparkling fireworks show.

Despite being late the night before, everyone woke up in time for a farewell brunch. Grooms chatting with guests Wearing a Broad shirt to say goodbye—though many ended up staying to spend the afternoon swimming in the azure waters. “It was a complete cliché, but it really was the best weekend of our lives,” Cliff recalls of it all. Said. “Having so many of our friends and family together for three full days is something I don’t think we’ll ever go through again. “



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