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Grunge sweaters are my new fall staple

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I have a terrible habit of surfing TikTok every night before bed, and for the past month, my entire For You page has been hit by this — called the teenage-dirtbag trend. Celebrities share photos of their youth garbage bags set on wheat 287 song of the same name, showing what they were wearing at the time in the process trendy clothing. Julia Fox posted a slideshow showing her tattooed in denim shorts; Gwen Stefani shared a photo of the singing in her now-iconic tank top and overalls. It turns out that the review “s and beyond.

Seeing my feed being inundated with these crappy vintage outfits made me wonder what my own teenage trash bag outfits look like. I immediately thought of me In the punk rock phase of my freshman year of high school, I was listening to bands like Good Charlotte and Evanescence. One of my main pieces at the time? A cool chunky knit with stripes, studs, or animal print. I almost Always wear black skinny jeans and checkered Vans. After all, it was the era of Tumblr and indie sleazy.

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Lil Nas X

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Although I didn’t have enough photos at the time to get on the TikTok trend (it’s just the beginning of Facebook, y’all! ), this crappy sweater feels good again. On the red carpet, stars like Lil Nas X and Machine Gun Kelly have embraced them in modern ways, while style icons like the late Kurt Cobain have made it their forever icon. It also had a place on the catwalks: Amiri, Saint Laurent, Dior and more all showcased autumnal statement knitwear. Saint Laurent applied the Playboy Bunny logo to the mohair, while Amiri’s skull was blown up.

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Below, buy six grungy sweaters , can also channel your inner teenage dirt bag.

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The Elder Statesmen Swirl Crew Shirt


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Andersson Bell Floral Crewneck Sweater Image may contain: Clothing, Apparel, Sweater, Sweatshirt, Sleeve, and Long Sleeve


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