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GSMArena Labs: We're launching a 3D size comparison tool

Over the years, we’ve felt the need for a way to compare the relative sizes of different phones. We looked into using a still image maker, but that never seemed to be the right solution. Instead, we worked with our partners at Binkies 3D to build on the 3D viewer we launched a few years ago, allowing you to view two phones side-by-side and examine them from all angles.

You can choose from more than 100 (and counting) phones View them in the list and side by side with another phone. Simply compare the iPhone 12 Pro vs Galaxy S using our regular comparison feature 12 side by side, for example, you will see the new 3D zoom in button Takes you directly into the 3D view.

NOTE: Our desktop site can display specs for up to three phones – there are buttons that allow you to compare any two of them in 3D with one click.

We’ve also provided a live demo below to help us explain some of the features. First up is the full screen button in the lower right corner. This view also displays four buttons that allow you to quickly jump between the front, back, and side views.

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