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GSP shares his MMA Mount Rushmore with seven fighters

Georges St-Pierre is designing his MMA Mount Rushmore with seven fighters.

The former UFC welterweight and middleweight champion shared his updated version during a fan Q&A ahead of Friday’s weigh-in ceremony for UFC Paris. The original monument was four-headed, but Saint-Pierre redesigned it to include all the fighters he considered the most influential in mixed martial arts.

“I would choose Royce Gracie because he did something no one has ever done in the first place,” said Saint-Pierre. “I’m going to cheat because I have to put more than four. I’ve put Amanda Nunes in even though she hasn’t retired because I believe she’s the best female fighter ever. I’d go with Khabib [ Nurmagomedov], because he had a perfect career, undefeated. Incredible career.

“I would also put Conor McGregor first because He took the sport to a different level,” St-Pierre continued. “I would pick Jon Jones, Anderson Silva and Demetrius Johnson because of their performances.

Although he did not compete in MMA Mount Rushmore, St. Pierre is considered one of the greatest fighters in MMA history. “Rush” in his has a 26-2 record throughout his career, most of which has been spent in the UFC.

Three-time UFC welterweight champion, Saint-Pierre Ball broke records, beating favorites Matt Hughes, BJ Payne, and Nick Diaz with nine wins and consecutive defenses in a four-year reign. He spent a period away from the sport, then in the UFC 217 Fights then-champion Michael Bisping for the UFC middleweight title, where St-Pierre makes Bisping UFC history by choking after the third round naked The fourth multi-class champion.

St. Pierre will announce his retirement from the sport in 2019 and be inducted into the modern wing of the UFC Hall of Fame in 2020.



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