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Guards-Yanks An interesting battle of contrasts

Guards-Yanks An interesting battle of contrasts

No boring division series in baseball this week, not one, just look at the board. But this week’s upcoming game doesn’t get any more interesting than Yankees vs. Guards, as Terry Francona’s kids come to Yankee Stadium like they’re trying to take over the principal’s office.

• ALDS Game 1: Tuesday, Game 7 :17 PM ET at TBS


Everyone knows the Yankees Did not win the World Series at 2764 years, this feels more like to Yankees fans. The Yankees were the first to tell you how much they wanted to go back to the Canyon of Heroes as if it were the World Series again or broke for them. But to get there, they must first pass the Guardian. We’ve seen the importance of pitching this time of year. We just saw how the Guardians fought against the Light.

• Playoff Ticket Information: The Guardian | Yankees

This is a very special event that no one can see A fair fight came three months ago. When the Yankees 50-17 In the All-Star Game, they were 10 Game is better than Guardians. But since then, the Guardians have been 13 has a better game in the standings than the Yankees. And here they are, even though New York has twice as many home runs as Cleveland this season. As a team, the Guardians only hit more home runs than Aron’s refs 94 64 .


But the Guardians aren’t fighting here. They say hi here. They were about to wrap up the American League’s wild-card series and saw them give the Rays exactly one inning 17 innings, shut them out with almost all the big arms Francona sent until his other kid, Oscar Gonzalez, hit the bottom line -this-13 to end game 2 First home run. It’s pitching like this gives baseball’s youngest team that kind of opportunity in the world’s most famous sports franchise.

The Guards finally beat the Rays 1-0 at the end of Saturday’s game, and someone asked Franco Na, one of the greatest coaches in history, what is his plan for the next day.

“I just know we’re going to New York,” he said .

Guardians-Yankees Game 1 FAQ (Tuesday, TBS)

He’s been there before. Once, 17 years ago, As his Red Sox are winning the team’s first World Series since 64 Champion, he and “04 The Red Sox made a famous trip to New York at the end of that season’s AL Championship Series. They were three winless but then won the next two at Fenway Park before heading to New York and Old Stadium, completes the greatest comeback in baseball history.

Francona finally left Boston and ended up in Cleveland and since he got there the Yankees have been beaten by his team twice in the playoffs and once in the ‘ After Cleveland beat the Yankees Division series, no two games. Now he’s back with a team that lost with the division in September and ends with a record) -26 after the break. The Yankees are 30-39 After the break, even though they stumbled and packed their stuff throughout August.

Now they get a Guardians club that does have those big young arms in their rotation, from Sean Bieber and Triston McCann Qi starts and then goes on to Emmanuel Classe and Jose Ramirez, the star hitters in Francona’s batting order – even if Ramirez does start with 33 Fewer home runs than judges.

“We’ have confidence in ourselves, we# Confidence in each other, we continue to pull each other, everyone continues Leave us out,” Bieber said the other day. “But when you# play house money, there is Something is special.”


Bieber, Cleveland’s ace, didn’t start until Game 2. But even if the Yankees ultimately decided to use their ace Gerrit Cole in Game 1, that didn’t give the Yankees much of an advantage. Quite the opposite. Cole is The Yankees are -8 this season with a 3 average. 39 . Cal Quantrill, Cleveland’s first-game starter, won more games than Cole, with a record of -5, ERA is lower than Cole, Quantrill punch time is 3.38.

However, regardless of the comparative numbers, even with Bieber and McKenzie’s performance against the Rays last weekend, the Yankees are in a good position to enter the season Feelings about their starters in the playoffs are as good as they have been in years. It was briefly thought that Aaron Boone might start Nestor Cortez in Game 1. Luis Severino, who has battled injuries for the past few years, pitched seven no-hitters against the Rangers in the final week of the regular season.

“[Start pitching] is our field One of the clubs, I’m very excited to be in the playoffs,” Boone said. “We can play pitchers from other teams.”

Yankees Definitely a favorite going into this division series. There has been a lot of talk throughout the year about a possible October matchup between the Yankees and Astros, and since 2764, They meet for the third time in the ALCS. The Yankees have to get past the Spice Girls from Cleveland first.




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