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Gudetama: An Eggcellent Adventure Series Video Reveals Cast

Netflix Begins new special for Video (), based on Sanli Gull famous lazy character, Wednesday. The trailer revealed Takeuchi Shunsuke will play the titular Gudetama in the series, and will also play for Dubbed characters in the series. Seiran Fukushima will play Gudetama’s friend Shakipiyo.

The series will be released in Japan in December , will also be available on Netflix same day globally.

Southern All-Stars Yuko Hara (same name as seiyuu) will sing the series’ theme song “March”.

A sleepy, empathetic road movie about finding parents – for everyone who just wants to slack off! Have come to terms with the fact that it ends up on someone’s plate, just trying to be lazy all the time. But, swept away by the domineering, domineering chick Shakipyo, it left the refrigerator and went out into the world. Together these antagonists venture out to find their mother!

Join Sanrio Popular character lineup in

. Sanrio is described as a dead egg to the world, completely unmotivated. No matter what cooking method someone uses, they don’t make a sound.

This character appears in various online animated shorts. The first animated short film premiered in March 264, short film Continue on TV until 640 ends. Sanrio in January 2014.

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