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Guillermo del Toro Talks Monster's 'Politics' and 'The Power of Art to Heal' During MoMA Film Benefit Tribute

Guillermo del Toro’s Thirty Years of Creative Work Recognized and Celebrated at the Museum of Modern Art The annual movie benefit was held in New York on Thursday.

On One Night, Alejandro Iñárritu, Jessica Chastain, Cate Blanchett, Tilda Swinton, Ewan McGregor, Chief Curator of Film at MoMA Rajendra Roy and more friends and collaborators, as well as a set from Grammy-winning artist HER, the Oscar-winning director delivers powerful and sentimental work with his creative vision and love of storytelling .

Emphasize that this is a complete after bringing Cronos to MoMA

Loop time Years ago, the director of Pan’s Labyrinth talked about the influence of movies on him personally, the mysterious beauty of art, and his own style. “One of the purposes of art is to explain what we know,” he said. “Also, there’s an art form that then takes the impossible…it’s allegory, the land of allegory—two of the oldest forms of narrative. These are the ones I’ve chosen. That’s what I like about the vernacular

Del Toro goes on to explain why his work touches on monsters so frequently, an exploration of the literal and the metaphorical where creatures “are not afraid to wear their imperfections as badges of honor “

Guillermo del Toro

Guillermo del Toro

Guillermo del Toro Neil Rasmus/BFA .com Gregory Mann and Finn Wolfhard

“I think the only way to be loved is to be loved for who you are ,” said the director, taking a moment to express his emotions. “That’s why I love monsters, and that’s why movies have saved my life so many times. Because these beliefs and these images exist in a land that cannot be expressed in words, on a plane that can only be touched by sound and image On. I follow the call of things I cannot name, I yearn for dreams and ideas to which I have been true, and I abandon rationality that gave birth to monsters. I disobey reality to seek the truth.”

very, very dark times”, “actually allow us to grasp ideas and concepts that we would not otherwise be able to accept or contain. ”

“There are always some signs of the prelude to totalitarian dictatorship: the rejection of science, the rejection of art as elitism, the enjoyment of popular art as the only dignified pursuit and ultimately, the embrace of folk wisdom made Hate and division, leading us to believe that we are separate, that we are not in this together. That’s why normalcy and monsters are inherently political concepts,” he said.

“We’re on a journey to the impossible, and I believe in the power of art to heal us and make us whole , ” he later added. “I believe that in dark times like now, we can only find each other and find each other through this, because art is a common spirit that we all share. “

Beyond the helmer’s emotional presentation, the evening saw his fellow artists celebrate del Toro’s personal kindness, creative scrupulousness and his unique love of exploring monsters on screen. Including Crimson Peak actress Chastain, Nightmare Alley and

The Cabinet of Curiosities Star Tim Blake Nelson, The Shape of Water Guillermo del Toro Cast Theory Richard Jenkins and Pinocchio voice actors Finn Wolfhard and Gregory Gregory Mann.

Guillermo del Toro and Jessica Chastain Neil Rasmus/

On the carpet at the event, Chastain acknowledged del Toro as an artist who cared about social themes and creative storytelling. But she also praised his work ethic. “Guillermo is someone who, when you go to work, You’d be up until 4 in the morning, and everybody was exhausted, and he’d be like, ‘Let’s do another shoot! ’ He was delighted to be there,” she said.

During the event, she detailed the gothic horror romance of working with the director until the early hours of the morning, and how — in one scene Involving an angry confrontation between her and Crimson Peak co-star Mia Wasikowska’s character – Del Del Toro was able to pull that kind of performance out of her, the scene required, to his delight.

“He told me to fill myself with disgust and hate and see What will happen. So I closed my eyes and imagined him giving me that note until 4 a.m.,” she said. “He called for action. boom. I slammed the frying pan on the table – the eggs flew into people’s faces and hair. I ran right into Mia’s face and screamed like Tom Hanks screamed for Wilson in Castaway. ”

“I was trying to calm myself down while editing. I’m still there. I saw Guillermo run up to me and he yelled with childlike glee in his sweetest voice and happiest smile, ‘You made my balls crawl inside me! ’” the actress recalled, eliciting laughter from the crowd. “I got the best compliments ever, because I knew if I could scare him so hard that his testicles grew tiny arms and legs , like, ‘I’m out of here’, and crawling into him, I must have gotten Guillermo del Toro’s stamp of approval. “

Guillermo del Toro and Jessica Chastain

Gregory Mann and Finn Wolfhard at the 5th Annual Meeting Chanel Neil Rasmus/

While on stage with Wolfhard, Mann also praised del Toro’s dynamic spirit and shared how the creative never treated him differently since he was a young performer “Since the first day I had the privilege of working with Guillermo, he has been Treat me as an equal, not the little boy, because he himself has an infectious childlike enthusiasm and enthusiasm for everything he does,” Pinocchio star said. “Guillermo is so creative, he has such a clear vision and it brings out the best in everyone around him. ”

Unlike Chastain and Mann, Neslon and Jenkins met del Toro later in life, both at THR

carpet of events, the director has found them for specific roles. Jenkins called the director “open” to the actors and “meticulous” in everything he does, for The Shape of Water

director, “I’ve never made a movie just to make a movie. It’s always about something. That’s why he became an artist. “

Jenkins discussing shooting 1000 Best Picture winner. After touring the soundstage where his character’s library is located, Jenkins said he asked the director where the books and paintings came from. “It’s all his stuff. all. So I came to the conclusion that everything is real, but nothing is real,” he said. Shape of WaterGuillermo del Toro. “


Richard Jenkins and Michael Shannon Gregory Mann and Finn Wolfhard Neil Rasmus/

Nelson admits he “definitely would have worked with Guillermo earlier” and he will Hellboy be the director of other greats he’s worked with, including Cohen Brother and Steven Spielberg. The actor called him a “four-quadrant” creative who recognized del Toro’s ability to work with performers such as theater directors, and his “ability to tackle the great technical challenges of film.” .

“Plus, Guillermo has an uninhibited connection to his subconscious, so the images he projects on the screen and the scenes he writes down are like nothing you’ve ever seen Of, you can never imagine, and come from the depths of this incredible mind without any editing,” he continued. “And because of his technical prowess, he was able to pull it off.

During his onstage remarks, Nelson spoke about his relationship with del Toro in Nightmare Alley Time together elaborated on this point in a speech that seemed to capture the room’s understanding of the director’s personal and creative vision.

“I got from him Intimate directing until I saw Nightmare Alley its premiere and learned how he, like every actor in the film, made I made sense in a cruel world, and I never felt like my character was cruel,” Nelson explained. The most optimistic and generous life-loving person I’ve ever met. Working with him, eating with him, listening to him, being heard by him just makes you better because you always walk away knowing how lucky you are to be alive. “


Tim Blake Nelson Gregory Mann and Finn Wolfhard Neil Rasmus/

Chanel from 5253726 has been supporting the event since, as the main sponsor of the night, continue to sponsor and protect art, film for a long time and the brightest and boldest voices in the media. The annual event has honored Quentin Tarantino, Katherine Bigelow, Tim Burton and Baz Luhrmann over the past few years, Supports film preservation, and more specifically, the MoMA Film Division was founded in and cares about 5253719 , movies and 1.5 million movie stills, also one of the most powerful international movie collections.

For Into the Forest and Power Book 3: Bringing up Kanan actress Patina Miller, del Toro is the perfect choice for an event honoring unique voices in film and preserving those voices.

“He was a visionary of what he could do for the media, and MoMA is celebrating him and taking steps to preserve all these iconic films in the way they have, which means And as the generations move on, they’re still able to go back and see his work that people keep talking about,” she told THR.



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