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Guilty Gear Strive developer: Bridget identifies as female

Guilty Gear-Struggle- Game director Akira Katano and video game developer Daisuke Ishiwatari put the Bridget controversy in Wednesday’s edition of “The Developer’s Backyard.” Ishiwatari said that after introducing Bridget in the Guilty Gear -Strive- “Season 2” DLC last month, they received a lot of Richter’s issue of gender identity. The series creator clearly explained that the character identifies as female.

“After the events of Bridget’s story in arcade mode, she self-identifies as a woman. So, as for ‘he’ Whether or ‘she’ would be the correct pronoun for Bridget, and the answer would be ‘she’,” Ishito said. He also explained Bridget’s journey of discovering herself in her storyline.
As mentioned in her profile, Bridget was born as the youngest son of twins and then Raised as a girl to protect
Even though they intend to protect Bridget, her parents are making her miserable because they feel like they are forcing her to live a certain way.
Bridget realizes this and tries to bring wealth to the village while acting like a man, thus overturning the village superstition, in order to make her parents Get rid of guilt.
As a result, the superstition disappeared, and there was nothing to limit Bridget’s life with her parents.

After that, Bridget tries to live like a man, but It doesn’t feel right.
This is the beginning of the arcade mode story. After the exchange with Goldlewis and Ky, Bridget confronts the parts he tries to ignore and makes big decisions for himself.
I hope everyone will take care of her path after she bravely chose to be loyal to her feelings.

Katano follows up with Ishiwatari explaining that the game is not “good” either “or the “bad” ending, acknowledging past arguments that Bridget identified as a woman at the end of an arcade route as a “bad ending” because the dialogue differs from the “perfect” ending.

“By the way, although the difficulty of the arcade mode and the story dialogue will change based on your match results, this does not change”

in Strive, each playable character gets a mini-story showing how they’ve changed since their last appearance, and Bridget is no different in that regard. Strive’s arcade mode tells a sweet story of her self-reflection as Goldlewis and Ky tell her she can be anything she wants to be . In the Stage 8 finale, Goldlewis asks if he should call her “Cowgirl” or “Cowgirl,” to which Bridget replies, “Cowgirl is fine! Because…I’m a girl!”

Bridget is a popular recurring character in the series, a nun outfit and a mean yo-yo wielding girl. She made her debut in Guilty Gear X2 .

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