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“Guimi” has become a new summer hair color

Is it a slow news week? Because the internet is currently obsessed with a increasingly intriguing character on Succession hair color journey, HBO’s biting satire on the one percent. I’m talking about Willa Ferreyra’s road to what my hair colorist called “expensive honey” (as he also called it). So, what’s the story behind Vera’s glowing blonde look in season four?

This series gave us hours of TikTok hit footage, on-screen sibling rivalry, and a fantastic behind-the-scenes podcast, the latest fad to flag caramel hair cultural moment. Summer 80 marks a clear resurgence in the trendy salon chairs. Our source material: Those gravity-defying blowouts on the runway at Chanel’s Cruise 2024 they’re so ’80s they can teach Jane Fonda workout, and Beyoncé’s gorgeous “sun-soaked blonde” (handcrafted by Bey’s longtime hair colorist Rita Hazan), on her Renaissance tour Radiates health, wealth and superstardom.

“Expensive blondes are more than just overall hair color,” says Andrei Alexe, my colorist at the Hershesons W1 flagship store, who is responsible for so many blondes in London – approx – his “Alexeyage” (balayage 2.0) appointments are fully booked two months in advance. “The mix of shades, and the fact that the roots are darker, creates the impression of thicker hair, resulting in a ‘glow from the inside’ effect,” he explains.

It’s a far cry from the platinum look that’s become so popular post-pandemic – we grabbed our nail clippers and gave ourselves some cheekbones too on those less peaceful days bangs. Roots (and bangs, obviously) don’t belong in our world of expensive blondes, Alexe reminded me. “You know the rejuvenation trip completes the look. If the color is tailored to your features and blends well, there’s less maintenance between appointments.”

But dating does do seems to be the key to this new mood. Those soft honey layers don’t lend themselves to salon-grade bouncy, do they? “We shouldn’t imagine Willa negotiating Dyson Airwrap at 7 a.m.,” a colleague reminded me. real. We should envision a personal hair stylist making home visits, or a salon appointment outside normal business hours while the car waits outside…




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