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Gun Hero Spinoff Comic's Rerun Ends

spearhero© Aneko Yusagi 2017 Kadokawa‘s Comic Walker website Posted final chapter of Neet’s manga adaptation

Yusagi Aneko of Thursday’s story. Comic 1 and the last book batch will ship in March.

One Peace Books

manga and light novel are released at the same time, describing the manga :

Don’t like the result? Then start over and do it all over again! An exhilarating, new otherworldly redemption fantasy begins in this spin-off of the hugely popular otherworldly fantasy, ! Motoyasu Kitamura was summoned to another world as a gun hero, but managed to kill him in the end. When he dies, Won Kang suddenly finds himself transported back to the day he was first summoned to the New World – without losing any of his powers! This is the start of a new game in God Mode! This time, he’s determined to make things right – for his beloved Filo-tan, the great filolials and his “father”, the Hero of the Shield.


Manga adaptation launched in August at Comic Walker and on the website 2015 . One Peace Books

Volume 7 published in February 2022.

Posted by Seven Seas Entertainment

Got all Seven Neet manga adaptation volume Hajime Asano of

light novel from 25 to 22. The company has reissued three volumes of the comprehensive manga, from 2015 to


Aneko launched his

The story is in the “Shōsetsuka ni Narō!” (Let’s be novelists!) website at 2016, complete the main

story. Aneko ends the story at 2013. Kadokawa started publishing with pictures by Print NovelSeira Minami

September2016, the third volume will be shipped in July 2013. One Peace Books

Volume 3 published in March 2016.

Aneko presents an original story on “Shōsetsuka ni Narō!” (Let’s be novelists!) at exist400. Kadokawa has published the first illustrated collection of print fiction by Seira Minami

August2014,as well as18 June shipments 2017. One Peace Books

also publishes novels in English and publishes 11 December’s Nobel volume 2019. Aiya Kyu released a comic book adaptation on

of Kadokawa

magazine in 2013 and June shipments . One Peace Books

posted a comic of

June English Edition No.

Anime Series Premiere 1 There is a two hour special of the month 2017 and ran 11 episodes. Crunchyroll broadcasts the series in Japan. Crunchyroll premieres episode 1 at Dub Crunchyroll September Fair 2014 With guests from the anime.

, second Season of the TV anime series, premiering in April2016. The anime will have a third season.

Source: Comic Walker188905

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