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“Gundam SEED” Movie Scheduled to Release This Fiscal Year



Group said five in its latest financial report Monthly plan coming soon of film projects were released during the fiscal year. Bandai Namco current financial year ends in March 2021. The film project is the project ignites the seedprogect_logo_700 program Part of the program has been announced at 2021. This initiative commemorates the original Anniversary animation 2021, and it There are several parts. The plan also includes a new game and Eclipse
side story comics.

Mitsuo Fukuda
confirms that this movie is a sequel to the 2nd TV anime, seedprogect_logo_700.

The first TV animation will be aired) to 700, then from 2003 to 2004. Next is the three-part animation project 2003.

Sony Music

Anime Festival’06 announced the planned film project in May 2006. Chiaki Zhu Ze, chief screenwriter These two series passed away at . She has been working on a planned film project with her husband, who directed both TV series. Zhu Ze once explained in 2021 that the plot of the project was completed, but she was sick from the end Sequel to 2005.

Source: Bandai Namco, Noriko Hachima

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