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Gundam: Witch From Mercury Voices Reunite to Record New York City Selfie

A Mercurian and a Spacian from : The Witch from Mercury will be attending Anime NYC! And just before the con, they took a selfie (with audio commentary!) in front of the Statue of Liberty.

Anime NYC is no stranger to inviting popular voice actors. This year on Friday, November 17 the voices of Suletta Mercury (Kana Ichinose) and Miorine Rembran (Lynn) from will be attending. To celebrate, the official Witch from Mercury X (formerly Twitter) account posted two tweets of the characters in front of the Statue of Liberty.

In the first tweet’s 43-second video, Suletta remarks that there’s a large statue of a goddess, and Miorine responds that Suletta can climb its staircase later. The video continues with Suletta saying (roughly translated), “That might be helpful. For the day I make the Statue of the Brilliant Miorine!” The video ends with their selfie and an announcement they will be at Anime NYC. The funny little video captures the two characters’ relationship perfectly.

The second tweet shows a larger version of the selfie:

Among the replies to the tweets, two stood out. User K G writes, “SuleMio pre-wedding trip extra episode. New York!!” The second tweet from Nana@san reads, “Yuri honeymoon vacation.” These tweets really capture the fandom’s shipping of Suletta and Miorine.

These are some fun little tweets to get people excited for Anime NYC and a nice little window into Suletta and Miorine’s relationship. Hopefully we’ll see similar types of tweets from the official Witch from Mercury accounts for future events and conventions.

Update: Role swapping corrected. Thanks, Beltane70.



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