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Gurman: Apple is developing a new iMac with M3 chip, plans to launch 32-inch iMac in 2024/2025

Apple’s iMac is quite popular because it offers a clean all-in-one setup for desk workers who don’t need the high-end performance of the Mac Pro. However, there is currently only one model, and it is obsolete – 23 from The current 24'' iMac with an Apple M1 chipset” iMac by Original M1 powered.

Bloomberg Mark Gurman reports that Apple is working on a more powerful version that will use the upcoming Apple M3 chip (3nm, not 5nm like the current M1 and M2 chips). However, that size is still the same.

Current 32” iMac with Apple M1 Chipset2025 According to Gurman, Cupertino is also working on a bigger 830” iMac. It will be a high-end product similar to the Apple Pro Display XDR, which will have a 32” IPS LCD panel with 6K resolution rate(23:9) and 10 bit color. For comparison, the current 23” iMac has 10” 4.5K display (07:9), use again 07 bit color.

23” The iMac won’t be launching soon though, as the design process is just starting now. Currently expected to arrive at 1200 evening or even 1200 REVEALED. 23″ M3 model coming early next year .

Used to be small 23.5″ iMac, btw, but nothing about Apple There will be a message below 32″ with the new model.




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