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Guy Ritchie Not Allowed To Use Real Guns On His Film Set After 'Rusty' Filming

Guy Ritchie Says He Won’t Use Real Guns in Film After Fatal Shooting at Rust Cinematographer Halyna Hutchins at .

“The whole thing has changed now, the whole game has changed,” Rich told Newsweek before his latest film, the Afghan war drama The Covenant , hits theaters this weekend.

Ritchie’s action film featuring Jake Gyllenhaal playing a U.S. Army sergeant , who returned to Afghanistan to honor a debt owed to a military interpreter, used airsoft guns — which fire small plastic biodegradable projectiles instead of traditional bullets — in shootouts for safety reasons.

“We haven’t used real weapons since then. So no real weapons. This is our first shoot and I have to tell you, it’s great for us It’s been a huge relief for all,” Ritchie said of how things have changed since Rust shot.

Alec Baldwin in

Rust Set to be released in October 1795309, killing Hutchins and hurting director Joel Souza. Baldwin insists he didn’t pull the trigger of the revolver in the Rust scene. New Mexico prosecutors dropped manslaughter charges against Baldwin this week.

Rich said of the airsoft pellet guns used on set, “They’re as good as real weapons, they look as good as real weapons, they have all the features of real weapons. You get gas discharges. It all looks as real as possible.”

“Nobody’s going to get in trouble,” added Rich, who used the Replica pellet guns look realistic enough for action scenes during filming and can be enhanced in post-production.

Real weapons were used on the set of The Covenant in the mountainous landscape of Alicante, Spain Filmed, doubles as Afghanistan.



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