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Guys flock to the Zegna and Mr Porter celebration at LongHouse Reserve over the holiday weekend

Kieran Culkin, Alessandro Satori Carl Timpo/

Friday night at East Hamp The scene in the Ton Longhouse Sanctuary may have been inherited from . Valet parking key racks flash foreign automaker badges, and copious champagne flutes and cocktails cruise through this sculpture garden-turned-party venue. But the main thing is the presence of Kieran Culkin. Culkin, who hosted the evening alongside Mr Porter’s Alison Loehnis and Zegna’s artistic director Alessandro Sartori, saw the celebration as his first public appearance since the finale of the hit HBO series a few weeks ago.

He was joined by a group of wealthy gentlemen, many of whom wore the same pair of Triple Stitch shoes as the actor. They also adorned the house’s lawn, though it was the house itself that stole the show. Textile designer Jack Lenor Larsen’s former home is a study center for contemporary design, surrounded by lush grounds dotted with Dale Chihuly’s “cobalt reeds,” Buckmin Sculptures such as Buckminster Fuller’s “Fly’s Eye Dome,” and a reflecting pool serve as the centerpiece of the gathering. Given the many white suits and suede jackets in the crowd, this provided relief from the summer heat, despite a small sign advising: “Please do not use the swimming pool.” An Aperol spritz will do.



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