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Hailey Bieber embraces '80s luxury in a black miniskirt

By day, Hailey Bieber is the very definition of Y2K. Dressed in relaxed parachute pants, a crop top, leather jacket and slim sunglasses, the model and beauty mogul often references Noughties’ casual style codes when out and about in LA but at night, Hailey is all about ’80s: From sheer black leggings, to thigh-length miniskirts and standout bling.

Hailey was a fan of the statement belts that were popular in the era – she wore them at Sandy’s moment in Grease earlier this year Waist Schiaparelli, and last month wearing a Saint Laurent belt and shorts. This week, Hailey wore a strapless LBD with a dazzling buckle at the chest (rather than the waist) from partywear favorite, Arlington .

She’s been a fan of the London label’s designs before, including its cult sequined Solaria dress, so it’s no surprise she’s a fan of the Althenea mini. With its simple yet bold silhouette and vintage trim, this mini was everything she’s usually looking for in a dress.

Hailey is wearing 80 Arlington’s popular Solaria dress from last year.

NBC/Getty Images

Hailey made the LBD her own with her signature low-denier leggings, heels, and sleek back bun. According to Hailey and many other stars who have recently embraced the retro style — including Katie Holmes and Taylor Russell — “80’s is back, baby.




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