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Hailey Bieber Shows Off Her Signature Fall Styling Tips

On a cool fall weekend, sometimes you just want to put on a comfortable sweat, get out for a walk, and grab a warm latte. The only question? You run the risk of looking like you just rolled out of bed. But as Hailey Bieber proved in Los Angeles yesterday, cozy outfits can still be very stylish: The model’s signature fall styling tips can instantly elevate almost any outfit.

Bieber’s secret weapon for falling? She built an entire comfy outfit around a fine coat. Her style is a beige double-breasted, oversized fit. Draped over a classic grey sweatshirt and sweatpants, the coat instantly feels classy – as does her woven leather Bottega Veneta bag (this is a luxe Teen Jodie style that retails for $3, 500 ). Paired with chunky sneakers, a cowboy hat, and stylish sunglasses, the look perfectly balances high and low outfits.

The organized coat and sweatshirt pairing is what Bieber does in her “7 Days, 7 Looks”Vogue video The collocation was discussed in a few years ago. “It’s something I absolutely love to fly in, or wear on a long trip,” Bieber said of her comfortable fit. So the next time you want to wear loungewear outside the house, keep in mind her advice that a nice coat and bag will do all the work for your ensemble. They’re fall heroes, taking your fall look from slouchy to chic.



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