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Hailey Bieber Wears the World’s Boldest Mary Janes

So committed is Hailey Bieber to maintaining the tenets of a so-called “glazed doughnut” aesthetic that her style rarely ventures beyond patent Saint Laurent stilettos. But—as of last week —she now seems to be dipping her manicured toe into fashion’s more unusual end: adopting stirrup leggings and Toteme kitten heels, and cartoonish Bottega Veneta shoes that look as though they belong in Recess.

Bieber wore those unusually swollen Mary Janes with head girl socks and a calf-skimming trench to purchase a pre-shaken salad and an iced coffee in Los Angeles. In the tradition of Kendall Jenner – who seems to be leaning further and further into all things high-end bizarro at the moment – Bieber managed to introduce what can only be described as clown shoes to the pristine Instagram set.

That is not to say the shoes are aesthetically unappealing, though. They might have been constructed with a rotund toe, a puffed-up buckle and a thick rubber heel but they nonetheless look good. Plus, they provide a psychic break from the more saccharine schoolgirl look that has been popularized by the kind of TikTok coquettes who tie ribbons into their belts and watch Sofia Coppola fancams.



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