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Hailey Bieber's Butterscotch Manicure Is the Nail Trend Worth Trying Right Now

We’d like to thank Hailey Bieber (and her go-to manicurist, Zola Ganzorigt) for the viral glazed manicure trend that many of us tried last year. For the supermodel and beauty founder, setting her nail agenda is her day’s work, and she always likes to have fun at her fingertips.

So we should bring you her latest nail look. An American manicure with a sheer (but glazed) pink base, creamy tips and tacky but cute cherry art on both nails, Bieber proudly wore in a series of photos documenting her Fourth of July weekend Showing off her fingertips.

American manicures are a great alternative to French manicures if you want a more sophisticated look. Unlike the French mani, whose tip gently diffuses into the base, the French mani has defined lines, which have become increasingly popular this year, including Jennifer Lopez and Sai This look has been favored by many celebrities including Lena Gomez. .

Of course, Bieber took the trend a step further by swapping out the traditional creamy white for a butterscotch shade. Not to mention, the eye-catching glazed finish has become synonymous with her. American manicure makes you spend a complete American vacation? Patriotic to the end.



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