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Halima Aden's demure 'more is merrier' outfit for Cannes

Somali-American model Halima Aden is on a personal mission: to prove that understated chic and playful chic aren’t mutually exclusive. “At the beginning of my career, I thought, ‘Let’s wear a black or white turtleneck with everything,'” Aden said last week in a hotel room with Vogue shared that in midtown Manhattan, she sat on a beige sofa in a colorful Richard Quinn gown with latex gloves underneath. There, Aden and stylist Jason Rembert skillfully teased out potential looks for the upcoming trip to Cannes amidst multiple racks of Poppy runway pieces. On display: a visual buffet of Gucci, Prozena Schouler, Valentino and other top brands, each piece meticulously layered with precision and sophistication. No disposable black or white turtlenecks in sight.

Halima Aden (wearing Roksanda) and Jason Rembert Thomas Falcone

At this point in her career, Aden no longer has to cut corners to create luxury fashion in line with her values ​​and personal comfort. Quite the opposite. “I want what I wear to look intentional,” says Aden. “We live in a different time. Just because someone dresses conservatively doesn’t mean they don’t want to take risks with fashion.”

Throughout the festival, those risks were highlighted well executed. The model, who recently returned to the spotlight after a three-year hiatus, has taken things a step further during her time abroad. There was a black-and-white Proenza Schouler suit with oversized, almost three-dimensional sleeves (perfectly paired with a white hood). Aden wore a light green Valentino gown with countless feathers at the AmFar Gala (“I think Cannes is the place to wear feathers,” Rembert said.) A boxy Vauthier airport suit. “I wish our red Blanket looks inspire people to be more adventurous in style,” Aden said of her curated Cannes style story.



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