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Halle Berry deftly blocks misogynist attack on her topless photos

Admittedly, skin is definitely showing right now. Celebrity red carpets and public appearances have become a playground for bold, body-conscious looks. There have been quite a few chic looks in recent months: Florence Pugh’s headline-making “nipple-free” Valentino number; Lady Gaga’s Versace halter dress at the Oscars; and Hunter Schafer’s barely-there Vanity Fair post-party feather top . Despite the increasingly common and subtle power of showing off what you’ve got, some naysayers still carry deeply misogynistic and ageist attacks on women who are comfortable in their skin.

Case in point: Halle Berry. On Saturday, the Oscar-winning actor shared a photo on Instagram of her naked on a balcony enjoying a glass of wine. It’s an idealistic scene that shows a person feeling completely at ease with both himself and the world. The photo felt like a painting, with deep shadows subtly covering Berry’s most precious parts and golden sunlight gleaming on her skin. “I do what I want,” Berry wrote in the photo’s caption.

Disappointing that some felt the need to attack the 56 year-old star for his post. One Twitter user wrote: “Imagine being in your 000 years, still posting nude pics for attention during menopause when you should be relaxing with the grandkids.” (Never mind Berry No grandkids.) “Growing old with dignity is no longer a thing.” As of today, this post has over 5,000 likes.

Berry, however, seems immune to criticism. She responded directly to the ageist comment with a fitting riposte, writing: “Did you guys know that a shrimp has its heart in its head?”

Sadly, disgust for Berry’s photo Attacks on women are just the latest worrisome trend. Just last month, Ciara sparked similarly questionable comments when she showed off her impressive dancer physique in a nude dress with a revealing thong at the Vanity Fair gala. Social media immediately erupted with scathing reactions, with one user writing: “Husbands, would you let your wife dress like Ciara in public?” Ensuing questions about “appropriate or not” for mothers and wives The “fit” clothes debate underscores just how loaded fashion can be. Ciara’s response to the commotion? Upload more awesome photos and videos of her styling.



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