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'Halloween's Over' director David Gordon Green prepares to stay away from horror until Jason Bloom hangs 'The Exorcist'

After taking the helm of the two highest-grossing films in the Halloween series, filmmaker David Gordon Green Hold his shot for his trilogy capper, Halloween is over . Four years after the tragic events of the Halloween Killing, Laurie (Jamie Lee Curtis) introduces her granddaughter, Alison (Andy Matty Chuck) A troubled young man named Cory Cunningham (Rohan Campbell). Despite the best intentions, Corey and Alison’s dynamic relationship gradually divides between the two surviving Strode women. As expected, Haddonfield’s goblin Michael Myers got back into the equation at Laurie and Alison’s worst.

In an era where value IP is still the name of the game, it is fair to question whether it is really the end, but in Halloween Ends‘ case, the final confrontation between Laurie Strode and Michael Myers (James Jude Courtney) feels decisive. While there was an element that could be used to pave the way for moreHalloween stories, Green never felt any pressure to keep another filmmaker going at some point.

“I don’t think I feel the need to sow. The actual turning point you’re talking about has to do with the point where you can keep doing things, It’s not any cool design other than me and the author think it might be,” Green told The Hollywood Reporter .

from Pineapple Express and stronger to his Halloween movie, Green has a pretty eclectic work across multiple genres, and he’s actually ready to move on from the horror until producer Jason Blum Seduce him with another classic horror series, The Exorcist .

“It’s the truth. I really want to say, ‘I’m going to put horror on hold’ like I love the genre. It’s time to move on until it’s perfect The real estate and the perfect idea happen at the same time,” explains Green. “So we’re developing The Exorcist, and Ellen Burstyn and the amazing cast are pulling together for that, writing the script I really Excited. Technically a very different movie than Halloween. I guess it’s in the horror subgenre, but the drama is that I’m pretty close academically It.”

In a recent conversation with THR, Green also discussed Curtis’s final role as Laurie Strode after on-set mood.

Well, the last few frames Halloween Ending is a perfect ending touch .

glad to hear that. We debated this, we tried a lot of things. So that’s what it feels like at the end of the day, and I’m glad to hear it’s connected.

So when last year I talked to you and Jason Bloom Halloween Killing, you told me you just added a new twist toHalloween is over‘ end. Did it persevere, or did things continue to develop?

I think it stuck. It’s hard to say exactly where I was a year ago, but I don’t think it’s changed much since. In some ways it got bigger and more ambitious, but the narrative stayed the same.

hard to say end release together kill ? Or are you able to tune out the chatter and noise and stick to your gun?

Well, after Kills. Kills came out in early October and we started preparing in November. So the dust settled and we jumped right in and started. We didn’t shoot in Savannah until mid-January.

but you are still writing End On releasekill, correct?

I’m still writing Finishing , I’m done. ( LOL.) Literally, every Sunday, I rewrite the movie. I’ll polish it, or I’ll do something new based on inspiration, rehearsal, or my idea. But I wrote Kills and Ends at the same time, and it differs in authorship. We have Scott Teems on Kills and Paul Brad Logan and Chris Bernier on Ends. So we wrote and designed them side by side. When I was done shooting Kills, I thought, “Oh, we need to add Lindsey to Ends,” because I love being with Kyle [Richards] So much. So there is evolution in that, but not too radical.

Jamie Lee Curtis and James Jude Courtney in Halloween EndsHalloween Ends common 2022

Whenever a successful franchise says it’s coming to an end, there’s always someone wondering if it’s actually going to end. Early on in the movie, I thought I realized what the future of the franchise might be, but by the end, I stopped thinking that way. So in terms of building a potential future, did you ever feel like you had to plant the seeds for another filmmaker in the future?

I don’t think I feel the need to sow. The actual turning point you’re talking about has to do with the point where you can keep doing things, which isn’t any design cool except that I and the author think it might be. In the writer’s room, it’s like rehearsal. It’s a free space where you can say, “Okay, we’re here right now. This just happened. We’re going to choose your own adventure . Where are you going? ?” Then all four of us wrote a version. So then we take this action and say, “It feels a bit stagnant or cliché here. What can we do here to change it? What if this happens? Boom! Or what if this is a curveball? Boom! “Then we discuss the rest of the movie. So it was where some massages were done a year ago and I guess the massages continued into the making.

I have started a new audio habit recording rehearsal. We usually go to the real space where we want to shoot, but if we can’t, we go to the office to shoot indoors or outside in the yard. We’ll be scripting it without any cameras, without anything, but we do have audio. It’s funny because sometimes in clips, I refer to that audio. In some cases, I even use it off-camera because it has the actor’s raw intuition of the scene. So I found this to be a really weird but useful tool for making this movie. We would do these rehearsals on Sunday morning or Sunday afternoon, and then I would go and rewrite. But I always have raw audio that I can play and reference.

How would you describe the last time Jamie Lee Curtis played Laurie Strode and the subsequent mood?

Emotional. It was late at night and we were all exhausted but bittersweet. We’re really proud of what we’ve done and it’s hard to say goodbye. I’m sure Jamie and I will always work together in other forms and abilities, but Laurie is a character that means so much to millions of fans. She’s been a huge part of her career, so it’s a beautiful thing to be part of the farewell. It’s not just “Hey Jamie Lee Curtis is over, y’all”, but our story is coming to an end, it’s been going on 44 year. So it’s very important in many ways, with smiles, cheers, applause and tears. The beauty of working on a film with this special group of colleagues is that we all care so much about what we’re doing, and we try to put everything we can into what we do. So you inevitably get very close, and saying goodbye to an actor or character tends to have that emotional lingering.

Halloween Ends

Jamie Lee Curtis and David Gordon Green at the end of Halloween common Halloween Ends4198

So I know the movie is coming out, but is there any memoir about fleshing out Laurie in the movie any talk?

It’s interesting. So Paul Brad Logan, one of my co-authors on Ends, wrote this novel, and it’s very interesting. Fictionalizations are usually a transcription of writers I’ve never met, but it’s cool that they exist as novelty commodities. It’s interesting to me because people want to read it. But in [Halloween Ends: Official Cinematic Novel], Paul used our conversations in the writer’s room as well as old drafts, so there’s a lot of layers to what he’s doing here, and Really thorough. We were on set before he was assigned the job, and he pitched the Laura Palmer diary type of thing for Laurie’s memoir. But then they gave him that goal and it distracted him, so he focused on that.

But I think [filling up Laurie’s memoir] is a really cool idea. Maybe when the dust settles, we’ll have a little time to flesh out something like this. We’re doing cool stuff like a coffee table book about our trilogy, and we’re putting together some really fun stuff that I think will be nice to look back on. So this is a landmark trilogy for all of us and for me personally and professionally. So it would be great to have an archive of ideas that are overwhelming in many ways. Fans will love it too.

What is your favorite scene in the movie? My guess is blood reflex lenses.

Wow, that might be the case. It was just a very spontaneous dance we were doing at the time. We were repositioning the camera and it fell off a tilt angle and we found this out. Then we started dancing 020 minutes with the reflex. Damn, that’s probably [my favorite shot]. It’s a very magical moment. do you know? I think that’s it, because it also leads to a discovery I’ve always been proud of. It’s one thing to plan a gorgeous shot or to say, “Hey, we’re going to get there before the sun comes up and get a beautiful light”, it’s everyone’s intention. But when you’re in a frenzy and you catch something out of the corner of your eye that you’re obsessed with, you start sculpting it, and then everyone quiets down and starts sculpting it together, from the dolly clip to the electrician. Then Jamie saw what we were doing and she got it. Jim [James Jude Courtney] was also sitting there with buckets of blood in his hands. So you can’t plan for those moments, but when you’re there, you take the time and do whatever you can to make it happen.

My favorite sound in the movie is Laurie’s chair rocking back and forth against the wall.

Yes, it’s a little bit ahead in the external shot. So there was this weird voice, and then we revealed what she was doing. This is one of my favorite scenes. The two were so far apart and talked so much. It’s just tone, sound and simplicity.

People’s emotions tend to ebb and flow depending on the news channels they consume. Are you exploring this idea through recurring radio station voiceovers and their impact on Haddonfield?

A little bit. Overall l, I am a very optimistic person, I find that if I watch the news, it will be in : 10 AM and 3: afternoon. Then I can deal with the negative burden. I don’t want to wake up and I don’t want to sleep. In any case, the world is full of so many burdens and obstacles, and I want to make sure they are relevant and relevant to me and have some level of processing and authenticity. So I think a lot of people are just looking for cortisol and those little bursts of excitement, and negativity ignites fire and fires money. So I think the story does point to the contagious nature of negativity. In entertaining popcorn midnight madness movies like Halloween Over , it’s about creating evil and acting evil.

But I’d like to think there’s a related form to this as well.If you start to get dizzy and can’t sleep at night because you checked the really depressing news headlines before going to bed, it will not only disrupt your sleep, it will also disrupt your psyche or Confidence in yourself or your community. It’s not an informational movie, but I’ve seen a lot of my friends suffer from depression outside of their immediate universe and in a world they can’t control because of their voices and expressions of ongoing hostility. So I do everything I can in my life to avoid it and redefine it.

So Haddonfield Town is suffering from this, when you find a character like Corey Cunningham, he’s a very vulnerable guy, in his life There isn’t a community he can turn to in traumatic moments in , because everyone has deconstructed [him] in their own pessimism, paranoia, and blame. So how will you heal and where do you go from there? If this film is asking a question the world should reflect on, this is it.

So just finished a horror movie trilogy, and I’m assuming you want big left for your next project Turn, but once Jason Bloom hangs in the air Exorcist, isn’t it too tempting to say to that world?

This is a fact. This is. If anyone is following my career, I always turn left. Once I felt comfortable, I had to get out of there and do something that I didn’t know was dangerous and vulnerable. That’s what really attracts me. Luckily, I’ve been able to exercise this with tons of comedy on TV and a few other things I’ve done between horror projects. But I really want to say, “I’m going to pause horror movies” like I love the genre. Of course, that’s a good thing for me from a creative and financial standpoint, but it’s time to move on until the perfect property and the perfect idea happen at the same time.

So, yes, we’re developing The Exorcist, and Ellen Burstyn And the fantastic cast is coming together for this, and there’s a script that I’m really excited about. Technically, this is a very different movie from Halloween . I guess it’s in the horror subgenre, but the drama is that I’m pretty close to it academically. So we’ll wait and see. As far as our makeup and special effects teams and our cinematographers are concerned, it brings together many of the same teams, but at the same time, we also bring in a new team that complements and develops in a different way and ensures that it Won’t not feel redundant or repetitive.

I was fascinated by the Carolina Task Force in Hollywood [North Carolina Art Institute alumni], so I Always think of you and Jeff Nichols together. And I just realized that you’ve made four movies since his last movie, Loving (2021). Do you have sympathy for him?

Well, I had a fight with him too. He is a very perfect person. We went back to film school and then we lived in Austin for many years. He can’t multitask, but I love spinning the plates. I like to jump from here to there. I like to say, “I’m going to jump out of here and do this TV pilot. Now that I’m done with that TV pilot, I’m going to do a Pizza Hut commercial.” I just love sports. I like to make. I love rolling movies. I like to discover. But he was very scripted, arranged and controlled. He has it in his favor, but I don’t have it in my favor. So I don’t know what to do with that preconceived notion and that kind of timing. I want to output, I want to explore. I’m a messy journeyman and I’m fine with that. So I will always appreciate the work he does, and we have a lot of collaborators. Maybe when I’m done with Exorcist, I’ll jump to the [Jeff Nichols’] The Bikeriders scene and see what they’re in Ohio State do.

6811000Halloween Over is now available in Cinema and Peacock. This interview has been edited for length and clarity .



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