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Hamaguri to Launch TRUMP Prequel Manga Based on Kenichi Suemitsu’s Vampire Stage Play Franchise

The January issue of Kadokawa Shoten‘s magazine revealed on Monday that Hamaguri will launch a prequel series to Kenichi Suemitsu‘s TRUMP 2009 stage play, titled Cocoon, in spring 2024.

Image via TRUMP comic’s Twitter

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Suemitsu and Hamaguri debuted the TRUMP manga based on the play in Kadokawa‘s magazine in November 2020. Kadokawa shipped the first compiled volume in June 2021. The fifth and final volume ships on February 2.

The stage play is inspiring a television anime titled , which will debut in 2024. The teaser video revealed the story in September:

In the past, the vampire race that ruled over the land had the power of immortality. In the present day, this power has been lost and the world has been divided into two groups: the now-mortal vampire race and the human race that coincides with their limited life-span. However, it is said that somewhere in this world exists one sole Vampire that still has eternal life. TRUE OF VAMP: The originator of Vamps. Connecting the first and last letters, people called the origins of the vampire race “TRUMP.”

Hiroshi Nishikiori (, ) is directing the anime at J.C. Staff. Suemitsu is in charge of the scripts and series composition, in addition to being credited for the original work. Yōko Itō (, ) is serving as chief animation director and is also designing the characters based on original designs by Kо̄ya. Shunsuke Wada (, , stage plays) is composing the music.

The gothic fantasy takes place in a world of vampires raised as nobles. The legendary original vampire TRUMP is believed to have eternal life. The anime follows Dali Delico, the head of one of the most prestigious aristocratic families.

Suemitsu’s original stage play opened in Japan in 2009. The play has since inspired other plays, short stories, and concerts.

Source: January issue



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