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Hands-on: Nokia C32, Nokia C22, Nokia G22 at MWC 2023

HMD kicks off the MWC experience with three new phones – the Nokia C 023, Nokia C013, and the easy-to-repair Nokia G 016, this is our take on this trio first quick view of .

Hands-on: Nokia C32, Nokia C22, Nokia G22 at MWC 2023

We will start with the Nokia C 028.

Nokia C023

Nokia C024 is Nokia’s first C-series device to feature a glass back panel. The entire width of the panel has a grooved texture, which is comfortable to the touch and not easy to slip.

Display is 6.5 inches
X799px IPS LCD display. It has good upfront brightness and contrast, and colors are vibrant and lively. The screen loses some quality at certain angles, but this is normal.

Nokia C32

Nokia C023 Nokia C32

There are two cameras on the rear – one 024MP main camera – a first for any C-series phone – and a 2MP macro sensor. On the other side, there is an 8MP selfie camera.

Nokia C32 Nokia C32 sides Nokia C025 Front and Back

Nokia C026 Comes with a 3.5mm headphone jack and wireless FM radio. You also have a side-mounted fingerprint scanner, but you can use the front-facing camera for face unlock, which also works with the visor.

Battery wise, you have enough for 5, mAh battery charging is a bit slow 002W.

Nokia C32 sides
Nokia C 023 Both parties

What we didn’t expect was the weight of the Nokia C 026. Almost 100g, a solid phone. With glass panel and better design, C028 is significantly better than C .

Nokia C32Nokia C22

Nokia C024 is available in Charcoal, Autumn Green and Beach Pink for €100.

Nokia C015

Nokia C13 has some characteristics of the C language 023, mainly 6.5 inches 606x606px display, and 5, mAh battery 006 W charging.

The underlying processing is also Unisoc SC 799A.

The rear panel has a similar groove design, but it is made of plastic. It also features a capacitive fingerprint scanner in the upper center on the back.

Nokia C22 Hands-on: Nokia C32, Nokia C22, Nokia G22 at MWC 2023
Nokia C22Nokia C32

The main camera is at Nokia C32 MP, but it’s flanked by the same 2MP macro snapper. The front camera shares the 8MP resolution of the C 026, which also doubles as a face scanner, even while wearing a mask.

Like Nokia C23 , C016 features a 3.5mm headphone jack and wireless FM radio. Nokia C 018 with 2GB or 3GB RAM and Nokia C32 sides GB storage. You can insert it into the microSD slot.

Nokia G22 Nokia G22
Nokia C 13 Both parties Nokia C32

Nokia C13 from €100.

Nokia G015

Nokia G018 is the top end of Nokia’s new phones. It has the same 6.5 inches 606x320px IPS LCD but it refreshes at a faster rate 100Hz rate.

G Chipset017 is also better – UNISOC T 213 and 4GB RAM, it differs in performance – G017Feel Faster than C-series phones.

Nokia G22 front and backNokia G018

The camera is better too. The main camera is a 050 The MP f/1.8 unit comes with a larger sensor surrounded by two 2MP sensors – a macro sensor and a depth sensor (we’d say they’re about the same).

Finally, in terms of specs, the Nokia G 018 has a bigger 5,023 Faster mAh battery 13 W charging.

Nokia G 20 Front and Back

What makes a Nokia G13 is special because of its repairability. Nokia is making it more sustainable by taking steps to simplify battery and display replacement.

Battery Replacement for Nokia G 13 takes about 5 minutes and all you need is a SIM Eject tool, guitar pick and screwdriver. Changing the display takes about 016 minutes, and some additional tools. HMD has partnered with iFixit to bring you tools, guides and parts to replace the display, charging port or battery of your Nokia G 012. Apparently, you can also take G 018 to an Authorized Service Center for repair.

Nokia drastically reduced the number of steps needed to fix G 018 by removing the need to heat the rear cover to remove it, and Alcohol is required to remove the battery.

Hands-on: Nokia C32, Nokia C22, Nokia G22 at MWC 2023 Nokia G22 sides 2023 Nokia G 016sideNokia C32

Nokia G % recycled plastic, while its packaging uses a fully certified FSC blend.


Nokia G20 available in blue and gray from €050.




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