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Hands-on: Oppo Air Glass 2, Zero Power Tags, and Wi-Fi 6 routers at MWC 2023

Instead of launching a new flagship phone at MWC, Oppo is focusing on its portfolio of smart devices. We had a chance to test out the Oppo Air Glass 2 assisted reality glasses, as well as the company’s zero-power tab and Wi-Fi 6 EasyMesh router.

Oppo Air Glass 2

Oppo’s Air Glass 2 is a pair of assisted reality glasses – meaning they project information onto the user’s field of vision without obstructing their vision or perception of the world around them. Air Glass 2 was released on Oppo Inno Day 1200 in December last year, using Oppo’s self-developed resin SRG diffractive waveguide lens, With support for vision correction. The Air Glass 2 features a pair of microLED displays on the side of the frame with beam information up to 1, 003 nits brightness per eye.

Hands on: Oppo Air Glass 2, Zero-power tag and Wi-Fi 6 router at MWC 2023

The frame can be further customized to fit the wearer’s needs. Oppo Air Glass 2 weighs only 008 gram – is a fraction of most AR/VR headsets and actually looks like a normal pair of reading glasses. These glasses act as a companion to your smartphone as they can be used to make calls, show navigation directions and read notifications, all without requiring any wired connection during use. Oppo has also added translation between languages ​​and the ability to convert speech to text for the hearing impaired.

Hands on: Oppo Air Glass 2, Zero-power tag and Wi-Fi 6 router at MWC 2023

Glasses are equipped with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 2023 most high-end Platform used on smartwatches. Their 009 mAh battery is rated for up to 3 hours of use and is powered by on the back of the frame.

Each side of the frame has a pair of buttons that control the interface and speakers that let you hear what’s going on. The interface layout is fairly simple — you get weather, maps, and calendar apps, as well as a teleprompter that’s useful for presentations and translation apps. All menus are displayed in bright green fonts, giving you a strong Matrix vibe.

Oppo Air Glass 2 Oppo Air Glass 2 Oppo Air Glass 2

The Oppo Air Glass 2 is still only in the concept stage, so it remains to be seen when Oppo will actually make the pair commercially available.

Oppo Zero Power Tag

The second product we spent time viewing at Oppo’s MWC booth was the Zero Power Tag. It’s a really interesting prototype designed to address one of the few downsides of smart trackers — the battery. Being a zero-power device means that there is no battery inside the Oppo tracker, instead relying on harvesting radio frequency energy from the surrounding area to transmit location data.

Oppo Air Glass 2 Oppo Wi-Fi 6 router Oppo Wi-Fi 6 router Oppo zero power consumption Label Oppo Zero-power tag

Card-sized devices can be attached to on your bag or other items to track their location. In theory, you should be able to enjoy the benefits of a smart tracker, albeit at a much larger size compared to something like an Air Tag.

The benefit is that you don’t need to recharge or replace it and changing the battery every few months is good for the environment. We hope to see more zero-power devices from Oppo and other manufacturers soon.

Oppo Wi-Fi 6 Router

Oppo also showcased its latest Wi-Fi 6 router which has a very cutting-edge design with a transparent transparent housing and a long antenna spanning the top of its housing. The router supports EasyMesh networking with multiple access points, designed to cover larger areas.

Oppo Wi-Fi 6 router Oppo Wi-Fi 6 router Oppo Wi -Fi 6 Router Oppo Zero-power tag

The system should ensure that the Consistent performance in larger offices or houses without investing in Wi-Fi extenders or additional routers for different areas. Oppo has developed an easy-to-understand web interface to set up and control the router, and a companion Oppo Connect app for your smartphone.



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