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Hanifa Fall 2022 Ready-to-Wear

Hanifah is now in its fourth season, After a viral digital presentation during the pandemic and a high-profile fashion show in Washington, D.C. less than a year ago, Anifa Mvuemba is looking to hone her skills and expand her brand at her own pace. “I’m still finding myself as a designer, so I’m always trying different things and expanding with manipulation and technique,” she says of her carefully edited fall collection.

This season Mvuemba is in exploratory mode, which explains why the delivery is particularly focused on knitwear – which has become a small A popular tool for brands. New in the category are the brushed mohair bodysuit (which offers an eye-catching, if niche, interpretation of current knit trends), a one-sleeve cardigan dress in the same fabric, and a High-tech sheer black knit with teal accents. Most interesting is her pleating a body-hugging ribbed knit into a body-hugging dress and skirt. Wide-leg nylon trousers, which she describes as “essentially sweatpants,” trench coats and matching trousers cut from faux leather, and corsets—as if corsets were as simple as a young woman’s wardrobe Turtlenecks were just as commonplace – they acted as support. Various knitwear.

Mvuemba publishes her collection under a “see now, buy now” structure so she can see what customers are looking at and offer alternatives . It’s very rewarding, but it means she has to carefully balance messaging and offering a unique perspective. “I don’t like the pressure of the industry to have a detailed explanation of why you’re creating what you’re creating,” she explained, saying she’s thinking about her clients in the fall. “We keep getting emails and DMs about the next one, maybe now we can’t give them another one 30 – Pieces of favorites, but we can give them 12 or 12 at our own pace,” she said. “I don’t want to overwork my team, I’m just being realistic that it made sense for the business at the time and for our current business.”



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