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Hannah Matthews' first book is an ode to abortion's life-saving, community-building potential

The topic of abortion has become more complicated in the year since Roe v. Wade was overturned. But Hannah Matthews, an abortion doula and debut author based in Portland, Maine, is determined to meet everyone she encounters—whether it’s at the clinic she works in or her new book You or Someone You Love: Thoughts from an Abortion Doula – Supportive, caring, and lack of judgment about a decision that can be painful and complex, yes, but also liberating and life-affirming.

In You or Someone You Love, Matthews examines multiple abortion experiences, combining real abortion stories (including For an overview of her own story) and the changing landscape of reproductive health care in the United States, read the interview with Matthews at Vogue below.

__Vogue:__* At what point did you start thinking there might be a book in your experience as an abortion doula?

Hannah Matthews: I am from started out working in a clinic, but as I worked more and more out of the clinic, doing more community abortion care rather than clinic based care, I thought , man, there are a lot of great resources online, but I feel like most of the books that are being published are very real, reported books – they are amazing and unbelievable, and we need them badly – but I want A book is more like a friend talking to me. The conversations I’m having aren’t usually with people involved in the replication movement or keeping up with research and weird hyper-specific legal and medical protocols. Everyone I supported through abortion felt so weird and alone and ashamed that none of these things were being talked about in a normal way. Everyone I’ve helped, like, keep apologizing and feel like they’re a burden, or they’re making me uncomfortable, or they’re embarrassing, and I’m like, well we gotta get this Things cut out. We have to figure out how to spread the language so that everyone can use it and no one is like, oh well, I just won’t talk about it because it’s too hard and complicated and It would be too uncomfortable. Then I just tweeted honestly that I wanted to write the book and my incredible agent tweeted me a DM like, “Hey, I’d love to see a proposal.”

After I know-Roe The abortion situation in America changes daily, but how does it look for you right now?




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