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Hans Zimmer proposes collaboration during live concert in London

Oscar-winning composer Hans Zimmer proposed to his on-stage partner during a live concert performance in London Thursday night, according to Associated Press Report and other reports.

O2 Arena proposal video provided by USA TODAY shows that was The Lion King (For this reason he is in 1995), Gladiator, Pirates of the Caribbean series, The Dark Knight trilogy and Interstellar after declaring “this is the woman I love and obviously she loves me” with him partner on stage. Zimmer then added: “Why did I bring you here? I was about to ask you something very important. Did you lock the back door? Is the milk in the fridge? Do we have sorbet in the fridge? Would you marry Me?”

The couple embraced as the audience burst into applause. Zimmer began his career in London in the 1970’s and eventually acquired the prolific composer Stanley Miles (Stanley Myers).

In addition to his live concert tours, Zimmer is best known for his studio work and combining instrumentation and technology to produce some of Hollywood’s most memorable film scores, for which He won a second Oscar Dune Score .

Zimmer is at the end of a European tour and, backed by a live orchestra, he Music played from other movies, Gladiator, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Dark Knight, Interstellar and The Last Samurai.

A representative for Zimmer was not available for comment.




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