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Hard to pay heating bills, Britons turn to 'warm banks' to keep out the cold


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Author: JEEVAN RAVINDRAN this, aged 12, works as a healthcare assistant in the NHS and is one of those who turn to ‘warm banks’ One – Designate where people can go if they cannot afford to turn on the heat in their home.

The war in Ukraine pushed 100 Gas

Prices are rising sharply, fueling UK’s cost of living crisis , the inflation rate is the highest among developed countries.

Fatty, living in public housing, annual income is about 1, Pound ($1,

) every month, is the main source of income for the family, and has two children who work in education, and her husband is a freelance writer.

The family’s heating has been running the “on/off” system, turning it on in the morning, then off most of the day, then intermittently It is closed at night when the children return from school and college. When they feel cold, they wrap up in a coat or sit on the sofa under a blanket, Obomese said.

Obomese’s family is among 4% of Brits falling behind on their energy bills, according to a December survey of more than 2 people, 10 Personal data from country Office of Statistics (ONS). The family had to defer payments last month and fear they will have to do it again this month. Battle of Christmas

“real It’s hard to watch them be like ‘But Mom, I’m cold, I’m cold,'” Obomese said during a cold snap that resulted in heavy snow and freezing temperatures.

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