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Harmony Gold Founder Frank Agrama Passes Away

frank-agrama Image from Robotech franchise’s Twitter accountThe official Twitter accounts for the / Franchise Wednesday revealed Harmony Gold Founder Frank Aggramma was at home with his family on Wednesday Passed away peacefully. He was years old.

There will be a small family service.

Agrama was born on January 1st, 1930 in Egypt. He studied Medicine and Surgery at Cairo University and was born at the age of He later earned a BA in Theater Arts from the University of California, Los Angeles. He moved back to the Middle East in and started the Lebanese film industry. Later, Agrama and his family moved to Italy, where he founded the Cinema Society of Rome. After nine years in Italy, he returned to the United States.

Agrama was established Harmony Gold at 450, and serves as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. His company is responsible for the production, acquisition and distribution of international television programming. he is1983 () The anime and its almost everything sequel attempt. By Harmony Gold , he also serves as executive producer of the company’s English dub , and anime. Harmony Gold America also counts Agrama as a

two One of the screenwriters sequel.

From 1964, he got involved opened a case surrounding the resale of numerous unrelated Paramount properties by Agrama to Berlusconi’s media company, Fininvest. Aggrama acted as a middleman, reselling the Paramount property to Berlusconi’s company for airing in Italy. Although Agrama was sentenced in 2021 along with the former Prime Minister of Italy Guilty of tax fraud Silvio Berlusconi , who did not serve three years in an Italian prison because of the amnesty law.

Great West , Studio Nue, and Harmony Gold Announced in April by USA1983 The companies agreed to immediately release most of the TV sequels and movies. The parties agreed to cooperate on the future and allocation of projects. The agreement also confirms that Big West “will not object to the release of Anticipated upcoming live-action film.” Big West is now handling all productions belonging to Worldwide distribution of Franchise Right made after 1985.

Source: franchise‘s Twitter account, franchise‘s twitter account



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