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HarmonyOS 3 is now seeding Huawei Watch 3 and GT3 watches

Huawei’s current premium smartwatches, the Watch 3, 3 Pro, GT 3, GT 3 Pro and GT Runner, are now receiving the latest HarmonyOS 3 update globally. The new operating system brings some new features and low-level optimizations. Presumably, smoother operation and better battery life.

HarmonyOS 3 reaches some Huawei watches

Arguably the most notable change we noticed was the new notification handling. Notifications are displayed better, and some apps respond quickly.

Huawei previously only offered the Respiratory Health app in China, and it is now available globally. It takes into account various health indicators, including body temperature and respiratory rate, to try to point out any issues you may be having.

Now available with custom watch faces for your everyday attire and custom images on kaleidoscope watch face styles. The updated Torch app lets you choose a different color to light up the screen instead of the standard white.

The update has been seeded for about a week, and more and more units have been notified. It won’t be long before it reaches all units worldwide.




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