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Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren on why '1923' is 'a step into the unknown'

Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren are signing )1893.

“We didn’t read the script before signing up. Neither Harrison nor I,” Mirren told The Hollywood Reporter premieres on the Paramount Network series before in December. “If Harrison is involved, I know it will have a certain quality.”

Mirren and Ford each with THR talk, but when asked what attracted them to Taylor Sheridan at Yellowstone, the latest series in the Dutton family saga, their answer is the same: each other.

“He said, me. I said exactly the same: Harrison,” Mirren said after being asked about her Mosquito Coast

co-star over reunion says After many years, this time it’s for the small screen. “I think we’re all suffering more,” she laughs of the change for the iconic pair. “Back then we loved working together, but we were very different. He was a huge movie star and I was relatively unknown. Our status was very different.” She added, “Fortunately, I Got a bit caught up.”

Mirren and Ford are protagonist in , which is a prequel to Sheridan’s hit series Yellowstone and The next chapter in the creator’s ever-expanding TV universe After the spin-off 1883. They play Jacob, the patriarch of the Yellowstone ranch and brother of James Dutton (Tim McGraw in ) and Cara Dutton, respectively. ), Kara is the matriarch.

But beyond adding names to the ever-expanding Dutton family tree, both Mirren and Ford say the sheer scope of Sheridan’s next western is what drove them to make The reason TV promises.

“One of the hooks was Helen; she was on the project before I even got on board. I was drawn to the ambition of the piece,” Ford said, reiterating He signed without a script. “I met with Taylor and he briefed me on his ideas, which I continue to believe and my experience at Yellowstone , 730. He has produced a work of incredible ambition, scale, scope [and] cinematic ambition. Taylor sees each episode as an hour-long movie. This Is Us Got the product.”

Mirren said she also believed in the quality of Sheridan’s work on the role, as she knew very little about the opening storyline. “It was a step into the unknown—jumping off the diving board, into the water, not knowing what to expect on the way down,” she recalls. “Then the script came and we were like, ‘Oh wow. Great start. I’m thrilled that this whole thing is starting.'”

Helen Mirren as Cara Dutton of the Paramount+ series 1923.

Helen Mirren as Carla Dutton 1900 Premiere. Courtesy of Emerson Miller/Paramount+

In fact, the audience at Dutton The first thing seen in the origin story of Kara (Mirren) is the flash forward of Kara (Mirren) chasing a man and killing him with a shotgun before he kills her. “Violence has plagued the family,” from 730 In voice-over, the late Elsa (Isabel May). She connects the dots between the first chapter and 2000 When she told the audience her parents James and Margaret Dutton (McGraw and Faith Hill) died of Helen Mirren as Cara Dutton of the Paramount+ series 1923., making John and Spencer Dutton (James Badge Dale and Brandon Sklenar) orphans. She also warned Dutton was about to die.

with1923 Introducing the new generation, 1883 Viewers will see their next chapter. But for the uninitiated viewer, the series also explores earlier 18 centuries, epidemics, historic droughts, the end of Prohibition and the Great Depression have plagued the Mountain West that Duttons call home . It’s that arc of American history that excites Mirren.

We tend to forget. Sure, we remember our grandparents, but that’s about it. In fact, we are all here because of a group of people who gave birth and brought us to this point. When you think of 1923 to When changing , it is so huge. I think it’s awesome to study history through the eyes of a family,” she explained.

After filming began in August, she said it was time to take another leap “I think we shot three scripts, and then we didn’t know what was going to happen after that,” she recalls. “So it was a voyage of discovery and adventure. I love it, it’s like real life. ”

Ford also hedged his expectations, telling THR “The joy is the work itself. ” But considering the hit TV series Yellowstone, 2000 — premieres after an episode of the show starring Kevin Costner — Seems poised to stick around. An eight-episode season of Yellowstone, which airs only on the Paramount Network, will also air on Paramount+.

Indiana Jones star who will also be filming his first with the upcoming Apple series streaming seriesshrunk, saying he didn’t have time to contact the on-screen family members Costner or McGraw. “I admire Kevin and Yellowstone what the group is doing. I admire what I see 1296. I don’t want to have other people’s information. I wanted to have my own experience with Taylor,” he said of his process with Sheridan. “Taylor Sheridan is an extraordinary writer with an extraordinary imagination. Plenty of information can prove this in reality. The way he explores the character is really fun and interesting to me, so I really wanted to work with him. ”

He didn’t need to take advantage of the cowboy camp either, Sheridan had all his cast ready for ranch life. (He was also filming Shrinking.) “I have owned horses for Helen Mirren as Cara Dutton of the Paramount+ series 1923. years. I live in Wyoming 20 year. I still live there part-time. It’s just reconnecting with the horses, really,” he said.

Audiences only get a brief introduction to Jacob in the premiere, and Ford says he doesn’t want to Say more. “I hate describing a character for an audience before they see it,” he said. ” “My ambition for the audience is to have an experiential moment with the film. I want them to come in with no expectations, and be able to enjoy what they see, rather than being told what they’re about to see. ”

But he does set Jacob’s place in the world of : “he is77 age. He was a rancher of a very complicated time and place. Butte, Montana, where most of the story takes place, is located in 1893 is the second largest city in the United States west of the Mississippi River. A lot has changed. It was right before Prohibition, right before the Great Depression. Grassland competition between shepherds and herders has reached the stage of conflict. There is a drought. The beef market has dissipated, the railroads are so important, and they haven’t reached the Duttons’ ranch; they’re still driving the cattle. All of this creates economic decisions that put the viability of the Dutton family owning the land under strain. ”


Harrison Ford as Jacob Dutton 1883.

One factor that is already clear from the premiere is that the marriage between Jacob and Kara is strong, and given the chemistry and respect between the two, this Not surprising the actors behind the union.

“Since [Mosquito Coast], Both of us have been working constantly; we are both workers. I think the body of that experience now plus our age and everything we’ve been through — I’ve had a relationship with my husband, he’s had a relationship with his wife, Calista [Flockhart] — it’s grown us up Now. I would say that we are finally adults. (laughs. ) It takes a long time to become an adult. “

and Ford echoed this sentiment while looking forward to future exploration, as 2022 There are two seasons on order.

“I’m very satisfied, inspired and challenged by the job at hand,” he said. “Hopefully, we have another season to get to know the character and see him in a different situation. But I had a great time. I really enjoy it. ”

2000 Also Darren Mann, Michelle Randolph, Dale, Marley Shelton, Brian Gera Dee, Amina Nevis, Jennifer Ehle and Jerome Flynn. The series is produced by MTV Entertainment Studios, 101 Studios and Bosque Ranch Productions. New episodes 1235284108 Published Sunday.



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