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Harrison Ford and Jason Segel are therapists on the emotional edge in 'Shrinking' trailer

Jason Segel zooms out in the official trailer for AppleTV+.

In the nearly three-minute watch series — by

Segel, Brett Goldstein and Bill Lawrence — How I Met Your Mother

alum broke all the rules of therapy and started telling his clients exactly what he thinks makes They make their own decisions.

“Disregarding his training and ethics, he found himself making dramatic and tumultuous changes in people’s lives… including his own,” wrote in the log.

The trailer is set to Kid Cudi’s “The Pursuit of Happiness (Nightmare)” and begins with a shot of Segel’s Jimmy meeting his client. “What are you thinking about today?” he asked one of them. “I want to change, but I’m not particularly willing to make those changes,” the client replied. “By the way, how does this make you feel?” Segel asks, as if waking up from a nap.

Harrison Ford also plays Dr. Phil Rhodes on the AppleTV+ series, a down-to-earth, sharp “blue-collar therapist” and a cognitive-behavioral therapist, the anchor says pioneer. Dr. Rhodes shares a practice with two of his protégés, Jimmy of Segel and Gaby of Jessica Williams.

“I thought I could help people if my hands were a little dirtier,” the Forgot Sarah Marshall star told Ford and Williams. “We know what they’re supposed to do. Don’t you want to shake them?

“But we’re not going to shake them,” replied Ford. “You’re going to burn your career and take me? “


premieres January on AppleTV+.



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