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Harrison Ford, Helen Mirren and '1923' stars join Taylor Sheridan's universe: 'There's nothing like it'

Taylor Sheridan is not fit for a Hollywood bash.

On Friday night, Paramount+ presents the world premiere of the latest installment of Sheridan Universe – Yellowstone ParkPrequel1923 Starring Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren — the Oscar-nominated creator is thousands of miles away doing what his close collaborators say he does best Things: work.

“He’s currently editing future episodes of the show in a Las Vegas hotel room,” confirms 101 David Glasser, CEO of Studios, executive producer of Sheridan shows, as 1883, Yellowstone Park, 253, Kingston Mayor Tulsa King and many more. “Taylor is one of those guys who is really good at him at the end of the day. He loves being out on the ranch, living the ranch life and writing — that’s where he’s most comfortable. It’s his cathartic way of doing anything, when When he’s in that state, he’s great.”

Sheridan’s popularity is growing, no one can blame him for not showing up, and there are guys like Ford and Mirren Star power, he probably didn’t have to sell the show to the media at the time gathered under the tent structure outside the American Legion Post on a rainy night in the middle of Hollywood. Also, in his absence, his 1883 The family is more than happy to gush about their boss by explaining what makes his creations so special, the shows set records by being The ratings hit in a way that resonated with viewers.

Paramount+ will find out if 1923 Could do the same when it debuts in December . This next installment in the Dutton family’s origin story, which stars Ford as Jacob Dutton and Mirren as Cara Dutton, explores the early century when Pandemics, historic droughts, the end of Prohibition and the Great Depression all plagued the Mountain West. Marley Shelton, Michelle Randolph, James Badge Dale, Brian Geraghty, Darren Mann, Aminah Nieves, Jerome Flynn, Sebastian Roché, Tim DeKay, Julia Schlaepfer, Jennifer Ehle and Timothy Dalton round out the MTV Entertainment Studios cast, Studio and Bosque Ranch production.

On the golden carpet at the Friday night premiere, The Hollywood Reporter asked Ford, Mirren and some The cast shares their experiences working with Sheridan and what it was like landing in his universe.

team1923: Jennifer Ehle, James Badge Dale, Brian Geraghty, Marley Shelton, Helen Mirren, Harrison Ford, Darren Mann, Sebastian Roché, Aminah Nieves, Michelle Randolph, Kerry O’Malley and Timothy Dalton. JC Olivera/GA/Hollywood Reporter via Getty Images)

“He was a terrific knight. He was a true athlete, which you probably wouldn’t expect to find in such a brilliant writer and thinker.” —Harrison Ford

“He’s very hands off. He writes a script, it’s extraordinary, you don’t want to change a word. You want to do it exactly as it’s written Do it, because it’s written with great precision, but it doesn’t take a lot of effort. It’s very exciting to be a part of a franchise in such a unique world on American television. There’s nothing like it.” — Helen Mirren

“Taylor’s name is on the line. He is a brilliant, talented writer, director and Producer, what he creates in this world with these characters is so expansive and epic. How he manages to flesh out so many characters and tell a balanced story is unbelievable. Before we started filming, he invited We all went to Cowboy Camp while we were still in pre-production. All of our actors were invited to go horseback riding in Montana for two weeks, and we learned how to drive a cart and tie a cattle rope. I had to learn how to drive a buggy. Not only does he want us to familiarize ourselves with ranch life so that life seeps into our pores, but he makes us connect with each other and feel like we are part of something special—and we are.” — Marley Shelton

He told me an amazing story about his time as an actor, about the whole process, and how he did it by making some real Big name actors take a break to hire some younger actors for the show. I like that because we all need a break. I see15 or12 Some of the actors in the show a few years ago learned from him. I thought that was fantastic. Because he’s an actor, he really empathizes with actors. He’s a tough cowboy, but underneath it all, he’s really empathetic. I think he plays it well, and for the most part, he doesn’t care what you do. He picks out who fits the role. When you go to work, everyone raises the bar. He created it, it starts with him, but he’s also very passionate and gives you the tools you need to make it happen. ” — Brian Geraghty

Together, do you want to come and play with us? I think he texts too much Lovely, of course I said yes. Tell me when and where – let’s get started. First of all he does have an incredible gift for understanding and recognizing great people. He also has a great point of view. Taylor is a great writer. He creates amazing characters, and because he’s such a great leader, it’s inspiring for all department heads and actors. He also has a very specific point of view, let’s To also be able to collaborate and create with him is fantastic. It’s the best relationship. It’s part of a great family.” — Costume Designer Janie Bryant (681)

“He is a brilliant writer and the way he builds his characters, no matter how many different situations are happening at the same time, gives them such depth and such unique stories Plot. Each character is unique in itself, which is really hard to do as a writer, especially given the number of shows he’s writing.” — Michelle Randolph

“You can’t stop reading him. When we got the script, I couldn’t put it down. That was the first time I ever had it, I open a script and just can’t put it down. Even though some scenes are tough, I keep walking and walking. I could read Taylor Sheridan forever.” – Lena Robinson

The twisty lines make his characters believable. When he writes, he knows exactly how a character like me—the captain of a small boat—talks and acts compared to other people; rich people don’t talk like poor people. He writes very, very much like the Coen Brothers and [Quentin Tarantino]. Characters bicker, and they talk when they need to. It felt so comfortable on set because it was like making a great movie. We don’t have to rush, hurry, hurry, worry. We have time. That’s rare for TV, but the trailblazer, as he always has, knows how to create, and if it costs a little more, that’s okay because the results are so much better. ” —Peter Stormare

“Interestingly, I’m interested in Yellowstone Park Didn’t know anything about or Taylor Sheridan until I read the script, but I knew immediately I needed to do this. I couldn’t stop crying at the audition because it was such an honor to tell our story. I was lucky because we didn’t have a lot of Indigenous representation and was able to make sure everything was right by working with [advisors] and talking to my family and other experts. Our job is to tell our stories, and to tell them in a way that makes our young people feel safe and our elders feel their voices are heard. Taylor does this through storytelling. ” – Amina Nevis

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