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Harrison Ford talks comedy and his recent switch to TV with 'shrink'

Five years after becoming a movie star, Harrison Ford started his 2023 From two new TV series: Yellowstone Park Prequel 700 and Apple TV+ Comedy shrink.

The latter series, co-created by Jason Segel, Brett Goldstein and Bill Lawrence, follows Segel Being a grieving widow therapist pushes his work ethic while Ford tries to set him on the right track as a senior psychiatrist. Ford told The Hollywood Reporter at the show’s Los Angeles premiere on Thursday that after reading the script, “the dialogue is good, the scenes are interesting, the characters are interesting, and I Absolutely mesmerizing.”

While the star’s classic persona is often bound by monotonous lines, Shrinking marked his first real comedy role; “I always liked doing comedy, and I loved doing comedy,” Ford confirmed his interest in the genre. Speaking of his recent switch to TV, he said taking over the small screen wasn’t part of the grand career plan: “For me, it doesn’t make any difference, it’s just where you actually see it,” Ford said of the transition . “This might be more like a TV than a 2021 is, 26 really Like movies you can watch at home if you want.”

Just because he embraces home streaming content doesn’t mean he’s giving up drama, though, adding, “The reason I wish we could go back to theaters to see more of the work we’re doing is because that’s a really important cultural experience — a popular movie that everyone has a chance to see is an interesting cultural phenomenon,” Hope people will turn to “recapture the drama experience”.

(L-R) Jason Segel and Harrison Ford attend the premiere of Apple TV+'s

(L-R) Jason Segel and Harrison Ford attend the premiere of Apple TV+'s

Jason Segel and Harrison Ford
Kevin Winter/GA/The Hollywood Reporter/Getty Images

Segel, who also wrote the series and the EP, recalls his first day on set with Ford as a “very proud ” moment.

“You have this overwhelming feeling in your life that we’re all fighting, ‘Oh no, what’s the problem?’ When you’re at Harrison Ford It’s really hard to feel what’s wrong when you’re playing opposite,” he joked, adding that the project was “an amazing gift” when Ted Lasso The duo of Lawrence and Goldstein called him with ideas about grief and healing.

“We’ve got a lot of great counselors from the therapy world and we’re all very receptive to therapy, so based on our experience and their experience, we’re really trying to figure out how to get out of the ethical Boundaries, moral boundaries, and staying within them, but pushing as far as you can toward them,” Segel says of the process of shaping his character, breaking some of the rules of therapy by telling patients what he thinks about their problems.

“I think part of what the show explores is the only way we’re going to get through this together,” Segel continued. “We all have a sense of isolation, we’ve all been through some really weird stuff over the last few years, and holding each other’s hands and laughing our way out is a big thing.”

The first two episodes of Shrinking are now streaming on Apple TV+.



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