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'Harry and Meghan' review: Netflix docuseries spends a lot of time revealing very little

Duke and Duchess of Sussex look back in episode three of Netflix’s Harry & Meghan Had their very first interview since they officially announced their engagement. As they recall, it was a “rehearsed” “choreographed reality show” rather than a true account of their relationship. “We’ve never been allowed to tell our stories,” Harry commented. Director Liz Garbus (Love, Marilyn) responded off-camera, “I guess that’s why we Here.”

The docuseries, then, aim to offer Meghan and Harry a chance to finally speak their truth – albeit through Booth’s footage, and not necessarily in the Told their way “. Not surprisingly, the portrait ends up being a likable one, sympathetic to their ordeal and careful to respect their point of view.

Harry and Meghan

Bottom line Not as fresh as Sussex fans hoped.

Air Date: Thursday, December 8th (Netflix) Director: Liz Garbus

The result is not is essential. When a subject declares that they have never been “allowed” to speak out for themselves before, viewers may reasonably expect unexpected details or novel insights to follow. However, despite numerous interviews with the couple together and apart, and even though footage of their private lives has never been made public, Harry & Meghan offer so little that it feels Fresh, Not Worth It’s a lavish six-episode treat for all but the most ardent royal watchers. Shrewd enough, Harry and Meghan’s love story can’t escape what it means to the wider public. The first three chapters, which premiere Thursday, chronicle their romance from their first Instagram-assisted introduction to the eve of their wedding — presumably, the other three will arrive on Thursday, October , will cover the wedding itself and ‘Megxit’ – as well as an overview of Harry and Meghan’s upbringing, with the help of friends and colleagues. (Abigail Spencer, Serena Williams and Prince Seiso of Lesotho are among the higher-profile participants.) But they also include interviews with academics outside Sussex’s inner circle , to provide cultural context, linking racist vitriol towards Meghan to 2022 the Brexit vote and especially British colonialism History is more general.

The thing is, these conversations around Harry and Meghan are not new, and Harry & Meghan decided to revisit them They instead spur them on. We hardly need a talking head to remind us that Meghan was initially touted in the media as a symbol of a modern, pluralistic monarchy before being targeted by her race; anyone who cared about it in the first place has witnessed it firsthand The transformation of the past six years.

As historian David Olusoga puts it, the naivety of probing Meghan might be “a way of having those difficult conversations” In hindsight expectations might have been more fruitful about an issue of race that British society had shunned for too long. Or to ask what the purpose of the British monarchy is in modern times, other than as a perpetual motion machine for propaganda.

Again, though Harry & Meghan gave the couple the opportunity to speak at length about their courtship and family life , much of what is shared here is both too specific and too vague to offer much insight. There are cute moments, like a private video of baby Archie watching hummingbirds with his dad, and sad ones, like the one where Meghan and Harry begin their anxious video diary of stepping down from royal duties. But a gibberish anecdote about Harry being 2016 minutes late for his first date tested my ability to take pain relief Drug Appetite’s Extreme Celebrity Gossip, I speak as someone who regularly browses DeuxMoi’s Sunday Spotted stories on Instagram.

In fact, an unwitting true revelation of Harry & Meghan is that, bluntly, Harry looks How unremarkable as a flesh-and-blood individual – handsome, intelligent and well-meaning, sure, but in a rather ordinary way, which only underscores how much of the massive attention paid to him can be attributed to the accident of his birth, rather than his Any specific positive or negative achievement. (By contrast, Meghan’s pre-Harry journey revolves around the familiar arc of a middle-class, all-American girl who became a TV star, lifestyle guru, and activist through passion, grit, and hard work.) In a way, the point: Through Meghan and Harry’s romance, Harry & Meghan is trying to tell a story about the institution itself.

This approach has certainly been successful before. Among other things, this is what makes the Oprah interview feel more explosive than the usual celebrity confide and The Crown five seasons power and count. ButHarry & Meghan never resolved the tension between its goals, which was to tell the real and intimate story of the Sussexes as they lived through it, and to take a more A broader, more critical view of what a story means.

It’s lovely that Meghan and Harry feel empowered to have a voice after years of suffering at the hands of the media; the media is more interested in exploiting their Trauma, rather than understanding them as people; if the docu-series succeeds in any way, it’s in showing the British royal family’s fame as an oppressive gilded cage. For the rest of us, it’s just a little disappointing, because a lot of what they had to say sounded familiar, but so little ventured into new territory.



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