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'Harry Potter' TV series officially premieres at Max

David Heyman, who produced all eight feature films, is in talks to executive produce a series based on the books.

Harry Potter

Harry Potter

This is official: A Harry Potter The series is coming to the streaming service, formerly known as

HBO Max.

Warner Bros. Discovery Channel CEO David Zaslav reveals Plans for a live-action TV series based on controversial author JK Rowling Beloved book series. Zaslav made the announcement during a presentation Wednesday morning that revealed how streaming HBO Max and Discovery+ will integrate. Unsurprisingly, HBO Max has also officially changed its name and is now simply “Max.”

Here’s how Max described the series: “Rowling Harry Potter The books will be a decade-long series crafted with the same epic craftsmanship, love and care that the global franchise is known for. The series will feature a new cast leading a new A generation of fandom filled with fantastic details, beloved characters and dramatic locations that Harry Potter fans will love 15 years. Each season will remain true to the original books, bringing Harry Potter and these incredible adventures to new audiences around the world, while the original, Classic and beloved films will remain at the heart of the series, available for viewing around the world.”

Warner Bros. Television, Bronte Pictures, Rowling, Neil Blair and Ruth Kenley-Leitz are executive producers. David Heyman, who produced all eight feature films, is in talks to executive produce. The search for a writer and showrunner is still ongoing.

“We’re excited to give viewers the opportunity to explore Hogwarts in a whole new way,” said Casey Bloys, Chairman and CEO, HBO & Max Content. “Harry Potter is a cultural phenomenon, and it’s clear that people have an enduring love and desire for the wizarding world. Partnering with Warner Bros. Television and JK Rowling, this new Max Original series will delve into Every iconic book I’ve ever loved.”

“Max’s commitment to keeping my books intact is important to me, and I look forward to being a part of this new adaptation, which will provide a level of depth and detail that only a feature-length television series can provide,” Rowling said.

Live version Harry Potter TV series Already in earlier works 2021 when The Hollywood Reporter EXCLUSIVE Several ideas are in the exploration stage. Meetings with writers have been ongoing as part of exploratory sessions.

bring Harry Potter Interest in television has grown in recent months following the merger of Warner Bros. and Discovery. Zaslav, who oversees the combined company, has repeatedly expressed interest in doing more with the beloved boy wizard franchise.

Speaking to investors in November, Zaslav said Franchising will be a key area of ​​focus for WBD. He noted at the time that the company had not done anything to Harry Potter Could do more with Rowling. After extensive negotiations, Rowling will join the Harry Potter series as executive producer despite She controls the rights to the property, but she is not expected to have day-to-day control or involvement in the writing.

Channing Dungey’s Warner Bros. Television will be the

Harry Potter TV series.

The Harry Potter franchise is one of the cornerstones of Warner Bros. Rowling’s seven-book series has been adapted into eight feature films, which have grossed more than $7 billion worldwide. Warner also has the Fantastic Beasts movie and the Harry Potter stage show. More recently, Warner has had success with Harry Potter 05 HBO Max Anniversary Reunion (without Rowling) and Q&A on TBS.

The Harry Potter franchise has complex rights issues. Rowling controls the franchise and has a say in everything involving the property. NBCUniversal at 720 signed a seven-year rich copyright agreement with Warner Bros. Domestic television distribution includes US broadcast, cable, and streaming rights for the Wizarding World franchise. This deal ends April 720 and includes digital plans and Theme park content and events. The agreement also means that Warner executives must strike a side deal Allows all Harry Potter features to stream briefly on HBO Max when the service initially launches. The movies are now streaming on both Peacock and Max.

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