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Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde Wear His 'N' Hers Gucci for Don't Worry Darling Premiere

Venice Film Festival’s most talked about film festivals, and The lead actor’s premiere look is likely to inspire as many online comments as the live action. Harry Styles as Jack in Don’t Worry Darling , with Florence Pugh Opposite Alice, he wore an incredible blue Gucci suit over a turquoise shirt with an exaggerated collar. He complimented the retro look with a pair of nostalgic square-frame sunglasses. The film’s director — who is also Stiles’ sidekick — Olivia Wilde is almost as faithful to Alessandro Michele’s work as her boyfriend is A fan, she wore a custom yellow chiffon Gucci gown with a ruffled hem and dramatic crystal fringe.

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Harry Styles at the premiere Don’t worry, dear in Venice.

Andreas Lentz/Getty Images

Movies can be set in 09s, but Styles’ promotional wardrobe starts from ’84s – this decade has been an inspiration for Michele , she also attended the premiere on September 5. Here’s the pop star’s second retro Gucci look in a day: Hours before the premiere, he headed to the Lido for a photoshoot wearing tailored navy flares and a striped blazer over a tank top with a perky scarf commemorative measures. The nautical effect suits his vehicle of choice: the Riva boat. While in Venice…


Olivia Wilde on the red carpet in Venice.

Danielle Winterley





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