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Harry Styles Has Mastered the Art of the Vacation Uniform

Now that his much-talked-about Love On Tour concerts have come to a close, Harry Styles is taking a well-earned holiday in Italy—call it Love On Holiday. The Harry’s House singer has been rocking custom Gucci costumes onstage for almost two years, so we’ve forgotten what he dresses like outside his Alessandro Michele- and Harry Lambert-fueled wardrobe. Styles bid adieu to the technicolor chevrons, polka dots, and sparkles of his bygone tour, and seems to favor a much more pared-down approach to his off-duty style. But if anyone seems to have the vacation uniform on lock, it’s the British superstar.


Yesterday, Styles was spotted snapping iPhone photos of the sunset at the Hotel Il Pellicano in Tuscany (stars, they really are just like us), wearing a blue-and-white striped button-up over green shorts and well-worn white sneakers. With his loose-fitting, haphazardly buttoned shirt, Styles radiates the zen of a man who hasn’t taken a moment to breathe in years. 

The “As It Was” singer seems to be a fan of this particular pairing, as he was spotted in a similar look just days ago. Lounging on a yacht with James Corden, among others, Styles was snapped in an open black-and-white linen button-up, and a pair of green shorts—which earned most of the attention thanks to their penchant for riding up, displaying a much-discussed “Olivia” thigh tattoo. Whether for ex-girlfriend Wilde or the 2015 One Direction song, Styles’s normally hidden ink sent the internet into a tizzy.



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