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Harry Styles says he 'has no idea what I'm doing' when it comes to acting

Harry Styles has two very blockbuster films at the Fall Film Festival – Olivia Wilde’sOther Worry, Darling , world premiere tonight in Venice, My Police with Emma Corrin Bow down in Toronto.

But despite a busy start to his Hollywood career, the pop star admits he still considers himself an amateur.

“What I love about acting is I feel like I don’t know what I’m doing,” he told reporter Darling at Don’t Worry press conference before the premiere, adding that he thinks music and performance are “in many ways opposites.”

“Making music is a very personal thing,” he said. “In some aspects of acting, you’re taking inspiration from some experiences, but for the most part you’re pretending to be someone else. That’s what I find most interesting about it. They can interact with each other in a way Help. Whenever you look at the world through a different lens, it helps you create either way. I think it’s really different. I think the fun part is you never know what you’re doing in any of them What.”

, speaking with his co-stars Gemma Chan, Chris Pine and Wilde, according to He was rumored to be in a relationship with them, and answered the vast majority of questions from the press (given the controversy that erupted around the movie ).

“It’s fun to play in a world that’s not necessarily your own,” he said of the performance. “This [Don’t Worry Darling] world is said to be so perfect. Playing pretend is fun in it. It’s like driving a fun car. We’re lucky that this The world is so well built around us so we can play in reality instead of pretending everything is fine.”

Despite Styles’ comments, news Coverage of the conference was mostly Wilde’s refusal to address the “tablo gossip” surrounding Don’t Worry Darling ”) and reports of a clash with star Florence Pugh, who was not in attendance, and reports that Shia LaBeouf-related issues were blocked.




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