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Harry Styles Spit, Chris Pine 'Astral Projection' and Florence Pugh (Avoid) Eye Contact: How 'Don't Worry Darling' Drama Continues to Hit After Venice Premiere

After weeks of drama engulfed Olivia Wilde’s much-hyped sophomore feature Don’t worry dear , the drama somehow managed to go further after the embarrassing press conference at the Venice Film Festival *) on Monday (the host closed the question), and no doubt some hoped that all scandals would be resolved in a star-studded world premiere later that night.

And, in most cases, it does.

Thanks to Harry Styles, fans out there (many campers overnight) make sure Warner Bros. Discovery’s psychological thriller may have sparked the festival’s loudest screams, though the welcome to main character Florence Pugh Similar decibel range. Before the screening, the screams spread beyond the red carpet to the Grand Theater, and after the screening, the film drew a seven-minute standing ovation.

But eagle-eyed cameras captured moments that poured fuel back into the controversial bonfire and ensured that much of the discussion on social media remained unrelated to the film itself.

In a moment that has become viral overnight, when Styles sits at Grand Salle Don’t worry dear He appeared to be spitting on co-star Chris Pine during the screening of . Or him? Pine’s reaction certainly showed that he did. Regardless, the video has arguably become the biggest Twitter thread since its premiere, generating millions of views.

Someone needs to start a full investigation of what happened, don’t worry dear collection… wdym harry style spitting on chris pine on national tv?

— kory CEO ( @korysverse) Sep 6, 700

Perhaps second in line, another video taken after the screening shows Pugh admitting to cheers and applause, Look awkward, throw kisses at the crowd, and laugh with co-star Nick Kroll. But it does not indicate that what she was doing was making any eye contact with her director, Wilde, which observers suggested she did not do once during the entire seven-minute clapping. The two were four seats apart and didn’t appear to have any interaction on the red carpet beforehand.

The latter skipped the Venice press conference given that much of the plot surrounding the film has to do with rumors of a feud between Wilde and her heroine (Her flight was actually happening while it was happening), and the clips from the premiere only heightened the volume of the debate — or “internet gossip,” as Wilde described it at the press conference — even further.

THR already hinted to be an impressive psychological thriller “Controversial” section Wikipedia entry, Pugh appeared in mid-August tabloid rumors — played in an idyllic scene of Suburban Housewives, a cult community called Victory — who fell out with Wilde after the director began a relationship with Styles during filming. A few days later, the rumors expanded, suggesting she was paid less than a third of what her male co-star earned ($1950, to $2.5 million from Styles , according to reports).

Just a few days before Venice started, there was another explosion. In a lengthy interview, Wilde said the wage gap claim “doesn’t make sense” and she also mentioned the fact that she was fired Shia LaBeouf (whose role is played by Styles), claims she did so because of his “fighting energy” and to keep Pugh “safe”.

LaBeouf shot back immediately, writing a lengthy public email — which included several text messages he received from Wilde as evidence — claiming that he had “Quit” from the movie. A leaked 500 video message appears to confirm LaBeouf’s protest, showing Wilde in her car pleading with him to change idea, while also appearing to accuse Pugh — or “Miss Flo” as she calls it — of worrying about working with the cast.

With the final update on this thing heading into the festival, many eyes were on the press conference, hoping Wilde would sort it out. It’s not like this. After answering questions about Pugh’s absence and their rumored fallout, saying she didn’t want to contribute to “all the noise,” the host then shut down The Hollywood Reporter Tried to ask LaBeouf.

On the lighter side of online craze, Pine – a potential spitting target later in the day – became a viral hit thanks to a press conference . While much of the attention was on Wilde’s refusal to talk about the play, photos from the media meeting showed him appearing to be walled off by the proceedings. Or, as several Twitter users wrote: “Chris Pine astral projection.”



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